The Minions 2, The Sadness, Peter von Kant… the theatrical releases of July 6th

Minions 2: Once upon a time Gru, The Sadness, Peter von Kant… what are the theatrical release dates for the week of June 29, 2022? Each week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, picking out some must-see releases and films (for good or bad reasons). With unbearable yellow bugs, the trashiest movie of the … Read more

Steven Spielberg’s Mega Terminator You’ll Never See

The promise was unheard of. the novel robocalypse, written by Daniel H. Wilson, was to be adapted for the cinema by Steven Spielberg. But history decided otherwise. Everything starts even before the publication of the novel in June 2011. Steven Spielberg is interested in it robocalypse while working in parallel The Adventures of Tintin: The … Read more

MaXoE Festival 2022: The Cinema Selection – Category Fantasy / Science Fiction / Action (Cinema / DVD)

As the first of the five cinema selection categories that we offer you in this new edition of the MaXoE Festival, the Fantasy / Science Fiction / Action category honors American cinema, which largely dominates this film genre. Dune, by Denis Villeneuve summary made in MaXoE : A bright sun. Then a face with scary … Read more

Starship Troopers: Terran Command

The game was developed by The Aristocrats Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a real-time strategy game in the SF licensed universe. Monument of the cinema of the 90s, the Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven became a cult almost immediately among fans of unbridled SF. With its intentionally biting offbeat tone, its big action moments and … Read more

FIFA 24, EA Sports FC, UFL… Soccer video games are about to change

A new wind is blowing in the console soccer simulation market. FIFA, football’s highest governing body, and Electronics Arts, the publisher of the world’s best-selling football video game for nearly three decades, have formalized their several-week-anticipated split. From 2023 the famous series will be called EA Sports FC, the consequence of the non-renewal of the … Read more

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – when DOOM thought it was Jurassic Park

Released on Nintendo 64 in 1997, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was an FPS with a crazy universe halfway in between demise and Jurassic Park. 1997 was a glorious year for video games. GoldenEye 64, Final Fantasy VII, Fallout, Super Mario 64…and on this list of memorable titles is at the top of the list Turok: Dinosaur … Read more

Critic revisiting The Leftovers with western sauce on Amazon

IT WILL BE BLOOD In the kingdom of series, hybridization is king. The genres mix and reconfigure almost spontaneously, encouraging the creation of ever richer and more unique universes. Outer Reach fully corresponds to this inventory. At the forefront of the project is a newcomer to the serial landscape, Brian Watkins, who trained as a … Read more

The first opinions on the Toy Story spin-off have fallen

The first viewers of buzz flash, a spin-off based on the adventures of the famous Space Ranger, has dropped. Has the Pixar bet increased? Building on the success of its iconic franchise toy story, the Disney Pixar subsidiary has decided to take the nostalgic potential of animated toys a little further with a spin-off themed … Read more

Criticism of the origin of the masculine

attack of the Clone warriors In the list of adjectives overused by film critics (starting with the author of these lines pleading guilty) is the term “visceral.” While it is meant to evoke the awakening of a collective unconscious and a deep human truth through its relationship to the gut, its evocative power diminishes when … Read more