RWC 2023 Spotlight – Chile

Rugby World Cup 2023 Sun. 17 July, 2022 · Reading: 2 minutes We take a look at how Los Condores made history with the help of a Rugby World Cup legend from Uruguay. While Chile’s squads are strangers Rugby World Cuphead coach Pablo Lemoine’s relationship with the tournament is steeped in history. The Uruguayan represented … Read more

Top 14 Reasons to Worship Stand Up Paddleboarding, This Misunderstood Sport

The world’s population is divided into two categories: people who practice right-wing sports and people who practice stand-up paddling. Paddleboarding is an underrated sport that deserves some love and water. So these are the main reasons why paddleboarding is THE sport to join at the start of the school year to have a body that … Read more

Top 12 Most Unusual Homes In History, It’s Beautiful Home

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Top 10 reasons to love athletics, a sport that’s not just about jumping high

It’s an understatement to say that mere mortals, like you, don’t care much about athletics outside of the Olympics. And I’m telling you bunch of beggars, you’re missing out on a lot of things. Athletics is one of the oldest sports and if it still exists after all these years: simply because it is the … Read more

Top 10 things to know about esports, a more complex activity than we imagine

Esports is a world that’s often unknown to the general public and even sports fans, although honestly it deserves a little more credit (come on guys, make an effort for these big geeks (I LAUGH)). In addition, you should know that the French are not that bad, even very strong. It can give you a … Read more