Traveling at the Speed ​​of Light: When Science Fiction Challenges Scientists

“Now if we add a charge that would create an electrical energy in addition to the gravitational energy, it would be possible to circumvent this problem and get repelled [de l’autre côté du trou de ver]. Like a giant magnet, we would be attracted by the North Pole and repelled by the South Pole. Once … Read more

Mapping the asteroid psyche reveals its tumultuous past

In anticipation of the launch of NASA’s Psyche probe, a team of planetary scientists has produced detailed maps of the physical properties of the asteroid’s surface, revealing a heterogeneous body rich in rocks and metals that likely faced significant collisions in the early stages of it Story. The mission is scheduled to start in September … Read more

The Callisto Protocol: release date and gameplay trailer for the spiritual successor to Dead Space

Founded by Glen Schofield, father of empty room, Striking Distance Studios currently developed The Callisto Protocol, a terrifying third-person action game that will take us to space and the future. The title will be offered tonight a first video of playing style on the occasion Game Status : It already seemed clear what the game … Read more

The study assesses when humans will explore Jupiter and Saturn

An article published on the website archive, explains that the next step for NASA would be to devote itself to sending manned missions to Saturn once colonists have arrived on Mars. The study sheds light on the scientific importance of robotic reconnaissance missions to the most distant planets in the solar system. Astronauts could explore … Read more

The opposite of Stranger Things

1983. In connection with the Cold War, the United States and the USSR are running for space, but not only. series stranger things refers to another hypothetical scientific race: the hin parallel worlds and the manipulation of time with the Montauk project. Fact or Fiction? The Montauk Project is based on conspiracy theories; nothing is … Read more