new ordeal for the Brave Blossoms against the XV of France

Japan meets the blues this Saturday morning (8am) in the opening of the summer tour. Their first real meeting since… the 2019 World Cup! Rarely has a “test match” for the Japanese national rugby team earned its name in such a way. A year before the World Cup, the Brave Blossoms will play XV of … Read more

featuring Japan-France and five questions about the Blues’ first friendly

The XV of France challenges the Japanese this Saturday morning (8:00 am) for the first game of their summer tour. Where can you watch the Blues’ first friendly? After much hesitation to know if the tour of the XV. would be broadcast by France, it was TF1 that eventually acquired the rights to the double … Read more

what really happened?

This Saturday, May 28, thousands of fans who came to see the Champions League final take the wrong route at the RER D exit to get to the Stade de France. There are no signs to show you the way. These fans are therefore confronted with an unsuitable pre-filter point. The crowd gathers. The Police … Read more

the European Commission’s proposals to accelerate their dismantling

Hoping to speed up steps to reduce the use of pesticides, the European Commission is presenting its proposal for a regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides. An insulting text, but one that leaves the states room for manoeuvre. While pressure has increased on European authorities to slow down the implementation of the Farm-to-Fork strategy … Read more

“Players who go to Japan with us have everything to gain,” promises Ibanez

The 42 players selected for the Tour XV of France in Japan “have everything to gain because they can position themselves for the 2023 World Cup”, the Blues manager assures in an interview with AFP. What do you expect from this first tour in Japan?Raphael Ibanez: We hope for players who are fully invested, determined … Read more

the guillotière at a standstill

France is aware of the problems faced by residents of Place Gabriel-Péri and its surroundings. Drug and cigarette dealing, wild market, deteriorating sanitary conditions or even acts of violence: the eyes of the press and the mobilization of local residents had forced the authorities to act. The local authorities had therefore made several promises to … Read more

Mechanical recycling and chemical recycling sharpen their environmental arguments

Environmental issues are one of the keys in the battle between mechanical recycling and chemical recycling. The carbon footprint is often highlighted. The problem of substances of concern arises. Mechanical recycling specialists have always been reluctant to use chemical recycling, at least for resins such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for which they already offer solutions. … Read more

new unreleased Friday 17th June on M6 with Stéphane Plaza

Friday June 17 at 9:10 p.m., M6 offers you a new unpublished contribution from the magazine “Recherche appartement ou maison” with Stéphane Plaza, followed by two repeats. Sophia, 47 years old and Frederick, 52 years old, have 2 children and have lived in Montreal for 4 years. They decided to settle in Lille, the region … Read more

Following La Rochelle’s success in the Rugby Champions Cup final

The top level keeps asking about plans for the next meeting. But before they thought about jumping back into the fight for qualification in the top 14 (see opposite), La Rochelle and their forward coach Romain Carmignani were savoring their first European title, won on Saturday night, in Leinster (24-21 ). “I have to say … Read more

Government forced to integrate science into species management

By forcing the Minister of Ecological Transition to ban hunting of the capercaillie throughout the national territory for five years, the State Council is demanding that science be taken into account in the management of the species. The decision of 1ah June from the Council of State is marked with a white cross. the request … Read more