China strengthens environmental protection through digital technologies

“Today we increased the detection rate of Asian elephants to over 99%. We are able to track herds even if we just photograph an elephant’s tail at night,” said Sun Yonghao, deputy general manager of the department of natural resources of Inspur, a leading Chinese big data and cloud computing company. In the Asian Elephant … Read more

the European Commission’s proposals to accelerate their dismantling

Hoping to speed up steps to reduce the use of pesticides, the European Commission is presenting its proposal for a regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides. An insulting text, but one that leaves the states room for manoeuvre. While pressure has increased on European authorities to slow down the implementation of the Farm-to-Fork strategy … Read more

Mechanical recycling and chemical recycling sharpen their environmental arguments

Environmental issues are one of the keys in the battle between mechanical recycling and chemical recycling. The carbon footprint is often highlighted. The problem of substances of concern arises. Mechanical recycling specialists have always been reluctant to use chemical recycling, at least for resins such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for which they already offer solutions. … Read more

According to the WHO, the thesis of a laboratory leak deserves further investigation

For the time being, the WHO recalls the lack of definitive evidence on the origin of the pandemic. The thesis of the Covid-19 virus that broke out of a laboratory in China deserves “further research”, estimate Thursday, June 9, experts appointed by the WHO, who insist that for the time being there is no definitive … Read more

Porridge for school kids, running for the planet, home swapping… Seven ideas for action

♦ Acting for forgotten populations Do you absolutely need large human and financial resources to make an impact on the other side of the world? No, the Solidarity Pays Forgotten Association (Aspo) action has been responding for thirty years: its small team, based in the Paris region, helps vulnerable populations in countries little talked about … Read more

Government forced to integrate science into species management

By forcing the Minister of Ecological Transition to ban hunting of the capercaillie throughout the national territory for five years, the State Council is demanding that science be taken into account in the management of the species. The decision of 1ah June from the Council of State is marked with a white cross. the request … Read more

Assessments that will be questioned by future generations

The Future Generations association was interested in the methods used by the authorities to assess the gnotoxicity of glyphosate. Its new report, published this Tuesday, May 3, once again reveals a series of worrying malfunctions. Do glyphosate manufacturers and other distributors have concerns about the future of this controversial molecule? According to Future Generations, it’s … Read more

13,984 new cases, 196 deaths in French hospitals

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro takes stock of the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic. Beijing under threat of imprisonment, London for its management of the Covid criticized the health authorities who want to facilitate the prescription of Pfizer pills … Le figaro provides an update on … Read more