a brutal and historic sport with medieval roots

NARRATIVE – The Azzurri of Santa Croce won the 2022 edition of the Calcio storico in Florence, Italy on Friday. A historic competition that takes place every year in the Tuscan capital. Focus on this age-old sport of rare violence. The 2022 edition, won on Friday by the Azzurri of Santa Croce, was marked by … Read more

Two years before the Olympics, French breakdance is beginning to take shape

The French breakdance team is preparing for the great Paris Olympics with the support of public and private partners. On the occasion of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, breakdance will be part of the Olympic program for the first time in history. A worldwide recognition for this discipline, which has existed for about forty … Read more

How sport can help overcome disabilities

Paralympic champion Michaël Jéremiasz wants to raise awareness and change mentalities with We are people, a great documentary that will be broadcast on Canal+ on Sunday (9pm). Did you know that just over a century ago, people with intellectual disabilities were euthanized shortly after birth? Do you know Rosemary Kennedy, the long-hidden sister of JFK, … Read more

Muay Thai between resistance and resilience

SPORT BUSINESS OBSERVATORY – While the UFC announces that it will land at the Accor Arena in France on September 3 with a hexagonal event, the other martial arts are trying to remain visible and invincible. Souad Soulimani has been a member of the Sport Business Observatory since 2016. She is the founder of MediaSpoliS, … Read more

Imperial Verstappen, Gasly in trouble

The renewed victory of Max Verstappen, the rise of Charles Leclerc, but also the difficult weekend of Pierre Gasly and Sergio Perez: find the tops and the flops after the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. SHARPEN Discover See other content Verstappen increases the pressure Not everything was easy for the reigning world champion in Canada … Read more

Superstar dealers, Pinot takes dates, Verstappen flies away, Dupont and Toulouse out of breath… Our tops and flops of the sporting weekend

The unexpected crowning of Léon Marchand, Tibault Pinot in form ahead of the Tour, Max Verstappen as boss, Toulouse stadium dethroned… Discover the tops and flops of the Figaro Sports department. SHARPEN The arrival of Marchand For seven years, the French swimmer has been waiting for a successor to Florent Manaudou, double world champion from … Read more

Marchand, Grousset, Wattel… These Frenchmen dream of a podium finish at the World Swimming Championships

From June 18th to 25th, the world championships on the long distance will take place in Budapest. Rejuvenated, the French team wants to shine there and find new headliners ahead of Paris 2024. The absent are always wrong. The refrain is familiar. With the Commonwealth Games from July 28th to August 8the August, many swimmers … Read more

Why the sports sector is accelerating its commitment to sustainable development

OBSERVATORY FOR SPORTS COMPANIES – If ecological commitment has not yet become a selection criterion for a brand, it could quickly become a non-selection criterion if the brand does not set a good example. Aurélie Lienhart is a member of the Sport Business Observatory think tank, where she works on societal issues and innovation. She … Read more

the dazzling development of a modern discipline… and lucrative

NARRATIVE – While the Paris-Bercy AccorArena hosted the Trackmania Cup on Sunday and Emmanuel Macron welcomed French e-sportsmen last week, the discipline in France continues to grow. With less than 800 days to go before the Paris 2024 Olympics, enigma still lingers over the enthronement of eSports as an Olympic discipline, this video gaming-related practice … Read more

from PSG to the Parc des Princesses

OBSERVATORY FOR SPORTS COMPANIES – The first edition of the Women For Future forum took place this week in Paris. Souad Soulimani has been a member of the Sport Business Observatory since 2016. She is the founder of MediaSpoliS, specializing in media education and the production of content for women leaders, and President of Radio … Read more