“The Rugby Africa Cup in France, a winning bet”

Published on : 14.07.2022 – 13:31 Rugby Africa Managing Director Azzouz Aïb gives a positive assessment of the continental tournament that took place in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille from July 1st to 10th. There he saw the development of African rugby and advocated the organization of more competitions. RFI: This tournament brought together eight African teams … Read more

5G: a promising deployment in Africa, but…

#Morocco : 5G is developing tentatively in Africa, where its ancestors 2G, 3G and 4G still coexist. Although the benefits of 5G are numerous, some countries and operators believe that the continent is not equipped to take full advantage of it and prefer to wait. While China is already focusing on 6G, 2G and 3G … Read more

How can African research be better funded?

Published on : 06/27/2022 – 13:17 At the Global Research Integrity Conference earlier this month in South Africa, researchers from the continent called for more equality in scientific collaboration between Africa and Western countries. According to them, there are still some bad practices. With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Bargeles Originally from Zimbabwe, Edmond Sanganyado … Read more

The NBA conquers the African continent

OBSERVATORY FOR SPORTS COMPANIES – Thanks to their star, Mr. Stephen Curry, the Golden States Warriors won the NBA title in 2022. What if France became Olympic champions in 2024 thanks to Joel Embiid? At the moment, the Cameroonian NBA superstar has taken administrative steps to get selected for the Blues. The case of the … Read more

House of African Culture: An Example of First Lady Diplomacy

AA / Istanbul / Tuba Nur Sonmez “The best example of the manifestation of our deep-rooted civilizational heritage, our tradition of statehood, and our nation’s ancient values ​​is our culture of sharing and our habit of being with those in need.” For centuries, the Turkish nation has been known for its sensitivity and generosity, especially … Read more