Ban on the sale of new thermal cars in 2035: are we ready to go 100% electric?

“Instead of selling big electric tanks, which 1% of the population uses a lot of CO2 to produce, we need to make small electric cars for more modest people,” says Nicolas Meilhan. With a good dose of provocation, the expert from the website (database on the electric vehicle market) denounced an “unpragmatic” vote by … Read more

Covid-19: how to read the epidemic this summer 2022?

A dominant variant, less violent than some previous, albeit more portable, resuscitation beds becoming vacant week by week, fewer new hospitalizations: we have all but forgotten an epidemic of Covid-19, also driven from our minds by our national electoral woes Bomb crash in Ukraine. However, the epidemic is still there and developing quietly. But this … Read more

Which professions of the future in the age of robots and artificial intelligence?

Every era of modern history has its industrial revolution. The mechanization of textiles changed the 18th century, the electricity fairy bent over the cradle of the 19th century, information technology changed the end of the 20th century. And now the burgeoning 21st century is ushering in the era of robots. Anticipation novels have been making … Read more

Telecommuting: Can Your Employer Spy on You at Home?

Software that allows employers to monitor their employees’ work in front of a screen is already widespread. Telecommuting has developed a “suspicion” against employees and the means of assessing their productivity can go far beyond the scope of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Browsing on websites without obvious professional interest can be controlled very … Read more

Visit Charlie Chaplin’s last home in Corsier-sur-Vevey (Switzerland), which has been turned into a museum

Eternal Charlot. On screen, the life of the immense Charlie Chaplin is summed up in about ten minutes. Comfortably installed in a cinema seat, the viewer does not yet expect to step into the life and work of the most famous actor. As the screen boots up to reveal an Easy Street decor that gives … Read more