Covid-19: Vaccines would have prevented almost 20 million deaths in 2021

Vaccination against Covid-19 prevented 19.8 million deaths out of a potential 31.4 million in the year after the vaccines were introduced (between December 2020 and December 2021), announces study modeling published June 23 The Lancet Infectious Diseases. This is the first work to assess the deaths directly and indirectly averted by vaccination on a global … Read more

Watch: Montreal-based collective Vertige take the Milgram experience to the backdrop of heavy techno in their new music video

MOLZK, you seem to be telling a story with the tracks on “Cluster Headache”, what is that? MOLZK: “Cluster Headache” is one of the aftermath of an accident that nearly took my life. It’s the kind of intense migraine that makes you want to die because the pain is so intense. I like music that … Read more

According to Ranker, the top 10 best sci-fi and fantasy TV shows for teens

With the release of the new breakout show first murder, The teenage sci-fi and fantasy genre is growing in popularity on Netflix. Other streaming giants like Disney+ and Paramount+ offer their mega hits of the genre. With network television and countless streaming services, there’s no shortage of TV series to watch. From vampires to demogorgans … Read more

Why dogs are such different sizes

Dogs have a special feature among mammals. Their species is the one whose size is most malleable. Compare a Chihuahua and a St. Bernard! Naturally, geneticists wondered about the causes of such plasticity. Before the advent of genomics, however, they could only observe and put this fact into perspective. But access to the genome has … Read more

Enabling ecological transition in the context of climate change is essential to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services

As the need to address climate change grows more pressing, so does the concomitant need for proactive management of Earth’s rapidly changing biosphere, according to a study published today in the review Science. “There’s actually a lot we can do to help systems cope with the oncoming climate change,” says Jonathan Moore, biology professor and … Read more

Climate change could lead to dramatic temperature-related declines in omega-3 essential fatty acids, a new study finds

The effects of global climate change are already causing, among other things, the loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer and more intense heat waves. Today, the first-ever study of plankton lipids in the global ocean predicts a temperature-related decrease in the production of omega-3 essential fatty acids, an important subset of … Read more