Galtier settles accounts with Letang

9:52 Lille: Létang “only thinks about his mouth”, plagues Galtier Questioned by the Voix du Nord, Christophe Galtier sharply attacked Olivier Létang, the President of LOSC, proving that he harbors a great deal of resentment against him. Atmosphere in the OK Corral. “He’s happy, he got compensation (transfer, around €4m). Thank you Jim Ratcliffe, thank … Read more

“We will remember”, “Shabby”, “A scandal”, “Rugby City”, Auxerre supporters attack the TFC

The TFC’s defeat in Corsica made the Ajacciens overjoyed, but not the Auxerrois. On social networks and their forum, AJA supporters sharply criticized the attitude of Toulouse residents. In fact, with a win or a draw for the TFC, the Burgundians would have gone straight to Ligue 1. The editors of the site LesViolets.Com offers … Read more

A War Against Nature | For science

On the occasion of the publication of the UNEP report “Making Peace with Nature” in February 2021, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, stated: “For too long we have waged a senseless and suicidal war against nature. The Covid pandemic has underscored the links between the health of the planet and that of humans … Read more

Financial fortune, expanded fan base, sponsorship acquisition… NFTs, a new Eldorado in the world of sports?

They’re not the first, but they won’t be the last. The French Tennis Federation (FFT) will launch its first collection of NFTs in pre-sale for its licensees on Tuesday May 17, ahead of a public sale on Thursday. The NFT, acronym for the English “non-fungible token”, which means “non-fungible token” in French, is the new … Read more

The meteoric rise of Maison Marc cucumbers in Chemilly-sur-Yonne

“We don’t always know how far we’ve come, but when we look at what’s happened over the last ten years, it’s disturbing. It’s really gratifying.” It was just ten years ago that Henri Jeannequin gave a whole new impetus to the family production of pickles by founding Maison Marc in Chemilly-sur-Yonne. “I wanted to build … Read more

Forests are more than carbon sinks

Forests play an important role in the planet’s climate. In particular, they bind large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and bind it for long periods of time. But they also contribute to climate through other, much less documented phenomena. Deborah Lawrence of the University of Virginia, USA, and her colleagues assessed the … Read more

Sony Xperia 1 IV, a smartphone for photographers

Scheduled for next month, Sony has unveiled its new Xperia 1 IV, specially designed for those looking for a smartphone with the latest cutting-edge technology in video and photography. Sony aims to appeal to content creators. This new smartphone has very advanced video and photo capabilities, including slow-motion video recording in 4K at 120fps on … Read more

“We are not exempt, but we are allowed to exercise a fundamental freedom”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – From Monday 16 May, wearing a mask in traffic will no longer be mandatory. For Mathieu Slama, the suspension of this measure, which remained in force for two years, should not make us forget the excesses of the hygiene measures. Mathieu Slama, consultant and political analyst, works with several media, notably Le Figaro … Read more