global artificial intelligence market

The analyzes and estimates made in this annual report provide insight into new product launches, future products, joint ventures, marketing strategies, developments, mergers and acquisitions and their impact on sales, marketing, promotions, revenue, import, export. , and CAGR values. This top-notch marketing report helps identify and optimize each phase of the industrial process lifecycle that … Read more

5G: a promising deployment in Africa, but…

#Morocco : 5G is developing tentatively in Africa, where its ancestors 2G, 3G and 4G still coexist. Although the benefits of 5G are numerous, some countries and operators believe that the continent is not equipped to take full advantage of it and prefer to wait. While China is already focusing on 6G, 2G and 3G … Read more

01Talent Africa and Atos open their first Collective Intelligence Zone in Dakar

An innovative and inclusive educational model. It expands the field of possibilities and makes digital technologies accessible to everyone, regardless of profile, study level, social background, age or gender of the candidates and accelerates the learning process through its disruptive pedagogy. The educational platform 01Edu “Peer-to-Peer-Learning” makes it possible to train high-level full-stack developers in … Read more

Well-being, artificial intelligence and environmental responsibility: towards a new era of perfumery

This publication is also available in: French Loss of smell and nationwide lockdowns have dealt a blow to the perfume industry, but also prompted a much-needed rethink. In order to respond to new societal challenges, Firmenich lays the foundation for a new paradigm in perfumery. Ilaria Resta, President of the World of Perfumery, spoke about … Read more

AI researchers call for more hindsight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a complex field in which many technology companies are pinning their hopes. As tech advances become ever more impressive, researchers are urging companies to lower their expectations to be fairer and more ethical. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal in a study published on June 29th. The awakening of artificial … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Software Market Size and Overview 2029

The new trend research on Global Artificial Intelligence Software Market 2022 is known to be an insightful analysis of a variety of factors including Artificial Intelligence Software share in the industry, demand assessment, revenue, Artificial Intelligence Software market size Intelligence and meanwhile detailed estimation studies during the forecast period 2022 to 2029. The Artificial Intelligence … Read more