Customs Scientific Council

The establishment of this council is part of Axis 16 of the Customs Strategy (“Securing the influence of customs and developing cooperation with administrations and external partners”), which provides in particular for the establishment of a future function in customs. It also complies with a recommendation made by the State Council in its April 26, … Read more

India and Pakistan crushed by record heat

In the early afternoon, when the heat is at its peak, the weather seems to be suspended. Under a heavy, milky sky, in the Indian capital turned into a blast furnace, life is an ordeal. The men on bicycles give up the trouble and the passers-by look for the shade. The parks are the sanctuary … Read more

Bruno Fuligni, the taste of the anecdote

Bruno Fuligni is the most serious of all funny scholars. A few years ago he was appointed Regent of the College of Pataphysics. “Pataphysics is essentially complicated. It is the science of imaginary solutions, epiphenomena and exceptions. he explains in a scholarly and polite tone. “It’s the college that identifies your work and calls you. … Read more

Flocks of autonomous drones successfully tested in the wild

A dense bamboo forest, China. Suddenly, ten small palm-sized drones rise up, humming. They fly side by side in the same direction towards a target a few tens of meters away, avoiding branches, embankments and other obstacles. They, in turn, pass through the narrow spaces between the bamboo stalks. All this in a completely autonomous, … Read more

LFI signs agreement with PS, fierce fighting in Mariupol, Hungary slows EU embargo project on Russian oil… This Wednesday evening’s news

news La France insoumise and the Socialist Party sign an agreement for the general elections. And three. Recalcitrant France and the Socialist Party finally signed an agreement on Wednesday as part of preparations for the next general election. Like Europe Ecologie-les Verts and the Communist Party, the formation of the fist and the rose joins … Read more

What science really owes to chance

What if the role of chance in science was on a post-it? The discovery of the little sticky paper is the archetype of these unexpected discoveries. In 1968, Spencer Silver, an American chemist at 3M, attempted to develop an ultra-strong adhesive. Instead of strong goo, he makes an adhesive that peels off easily. Instead of … Read more

Data Science, a promising sector in 2022?

Data Science, a promising sector for 2022 In fact, companies are increasingly overwhelmed with the large amount of data to be processed. They are therefore obliged to seek skills related to big data management and sharing in order to best extend their offerings. In order to successfully fulfill their mission, the data scientist must ensure … Read more

abortion | The real goal

An increase in abortions. This is the likely impact of the expected abolition of Roe c. Wade through the United States Supreme Court, an abolition that would allow American states that wish to ban or even criminalize abortion. Posted at 5:00 am That’s not what my little finger tells me, but science. An analysis of … Read more