Graduate News: Spring 2022

The Great Reunion: a first in the history of the University of Montreal The Université de Montréal has traveled through the centuries, witnessed a multitude of back-to-school and graduation ceremonies, and this year, for the first time in its history, is organizing a Grand Reunion! You can expect some great moments as well as a … Read more

“Unlikely dialogue between an Afro descendant and a Béké”, the meeting of

Dialogue Improbable is a four-hand book written by two West Indians. One is a Béké, Emmanuel de Reynal, and the second, Steve Fola Gadet, a longtime Martinique-based Guadeloupean sociologist and writer. They don’t share the same perspective on many issues, but they show their respective communities that dialogue is possible. Louis Otvas • Posted May … Read more

[Opinion] Maintain scientific links with all countries, without exception

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sparked on February 24, appears to be continuing despite pressure and sanctions imposed by Western countries. In early May, the United Nations estimated that out of a population of 43 million, nearly 6 million Ukrainians had found refuge outside their country and that 8 million had relocated within the borders. Adding … Read more

The school doesn’t have a green thumb – liberation

In their report to the government in 2020, the members of the Citizen’s Climate Convention were not wrong. Among their suggestions as evidence: “Amending the Code of Education for a generalization of environmental education and education for sustainable development (EEDD) in the French school model. Our enlightened citizens, like all those who have studied it … Read more

Series: Spotlight on Science Fiction in May

Shen spring has been marked by a veritable series of flowers over the last few weeks, our May selection takes us to fantastic countries. We must believe that the return of stranger things inspired Netflix competitors! Science fiction is undoubtedly the dominant genre this month, with a mythical monster reminiscent of the Loch Ness creature … Read more

Nobel Prize for you | For science

2020 was a good year. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique. Andrea Ghez, the physicist, jointly with Roger Penrose and Reinhard Genzel, for the discovery of a supermassive, compact object at the center of our galaxy, and Louise Glück, the literary scholar, for … Read more