Jarnac Fins Bois Rugby want to mark their territory

I welcome this project with great enthusiasm. We sense a certain nostalgia of the glory years in the city.

The latter was made on 1ah last July at a general meeting that approved it with a large majority. It revolves around three axes: creation of a local club through a merger with Rouillac, two competitive senior teams (note: the first will develop in Regional 2) and development of the rugby school.

“We have approached the Jarnac community, which remains the epicenter of the club, but also Rouillac and its community community, to develop a new entity.”, specifies Michel Delage. As a first consequence, the RCJ no longer exists and is now called Jarnac Fins Bois Rugby (JFBR).

“It is the name of the territory and the terroir. It had become complicated to attract players because we were less attractive, notes Olivier Mattiuzzo, who had only seven players left in training in the middle of winter. We’re 45 now, we’re seriously considering reviving a B-Team that disappeared last year and we’re hoping to catch up on another fifteen items, thanks in particular to the dual licensing system. It’s already happened with players from UBJ and is imminent for some from UCS thanks to Junior Sua, who I’ve been training with and who is now leading the Cognac hopes. Anyone not selected for the weekend can come and play with us. »

Revitalize Rugby School

Second goal: to see rugby back on the Rouillac pitch when the club disappeared 18 years ago. “We will initially focus on young people with a Rugby Schools First Day being organized on August 27th (Note: day of the traditional fair) thanks to two inflatable structures borrowed from the committee. During the All Saints’ holidays, the U13-U14 squad selection comes to Rouillac for training. And around November we should be able to move games to Rouillac.” completes Michel Delage.

A rebirth strongly promoted by the Mayor of Rouillac Dominique Mancia: “I welcome this project with great enthusiasm. We sense a certain nostalgia of the glory years in the city. Team sports are very enriching for me.. Therefore, an agreement signed between the football and rugby clubs is being drawn up to share the site and clubhouse.

Last axis of progress: the rugby school led by Didier Faganas. “It currently has 70 licensees down to the under 12s as we are on par with the UCS in the upper categories but we are a little tight in all categories. We’d love to grow to 100 licensees, but that also means recruiting leaders, educators, and volunteers. We invoke all goodwill. »

Finally, to better identify the new entity, a new logo was created by Antoine Audoin, player of the club. It represents a bullhead (fish emblem of the town of Jarnac) arching its back to represent a rugby ball and holding in its mouth a bunch of grapes, the emblem of the municipality of Rouillac. Proof that Jarnac and Rouillac now go hand in hand in rugby.

For any information you can contact the club at; or 06.76 96.64.08.

A strong leader

To lead the Jarnac seniors again, Olivier Mattiuzzo does not come back alone. As an assistant, he embarks on the adventures of former Angoulême players such as Adrien Ibarz and Maher Changuel. Former RCJ forward Romain Deville will provide physical preparation and Aloisio Takaniko will be arriving shortly with his coaching diplomas from Guyana.
“We will resume training on July 20th. We are planning a two-day surprise camp in early September and a pre-season game against Entente des Coteaux de l’Arrêt, a club from the Hautes-Pyrénées who play in Regionalliga 1, in Jarnac on September 10th. The goal is to move up to R1 within two or three years.”concludes Olivier Mattiuzzo.

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