RUGBY – Martin Saleille: “Get support as soon as possible”

Martin Saleille, head coach of the RC Amiénois, who has been promoted to Federal 2, talks about the upcoming season and the club’s ambitions.

After spotting your hen, you were impatient to meet your adversaries… So?

Yes, we really wanted to get to know our pool, not so much the opposition, because we know it’s going to be a tough season. We are there for the first time fret 2, this will be new to many, but there are some lots of excitement! Above all, we wanted to know what sauce we would eat in relation to the trip. In the end we’re doing pretty well, with eight teams from the Paris region and only two long trips to Brittany. It suits us that we only have very few long trips during the season. We can now fully plan for next season. After that, big teams are in the pool, but we’re in Federal 2, we knew the level was going to get better…

The fact that you have very few long commutes is necessarily very good news for you?

Yes, it’s really a good thing for multiple points. The players bothered to go against over two days at the end of the season Holy Malo and Strasbourg but I admit that the last game at Maisons Laffitte, not having made a long journey did us good. Driving long hours by bus is tiring, we are far away from our families and so on. We’ll be on deck twenty-two weekends, so when we have to put out five or six times in two days, it’s complicated. The pool is really beautiful from a geographic point of view and the other teams have to share that vision. Especially since we must not forget the economic dimension, which also comes into play. If you have ambition and want to be competitive, you can’t don’t just go away for a day. Technically it’s possible, but if you have 5 or 6 hours of transport in the morning, you can’t be efficient in the afternoon and, moreover, get home around 2am. It affects the organisms and wears out, so you can’t if you want to be efficient.

The goal in the middle of the table is achievable

Was the possibility of being away for several days a criterion with which you built your team?

No, that was not considered at all! Our recruiting is primarily there to consolidate the workforce and to precisely compensate for absences. We wanted to bring rotate depth. The goal is to be able to field a competitive team with 100% boys every time. We’ll be out this season for a variety of reasons, that’s for sure and understandable. We only asked them how they could get involved next year, but we don’t ask them to be mandatory every weekend and certainly not over two days. We are aware that the boys who work nearby may also have family commitments.

What are the ambitions for next season?

Our number one goal will be to seek maintenance as soon as possible. To, In Amiens we tend to be a bit ambitious, which sometimes brought us ridicule at the beginning of last season when we weren’t doing so well, but proved us right in the end. As soon as we safely have two teams behind us, we’ll see why not aim higher. Ideally, we hope to be in the middle of the table and only fight for our livelihood in the last few days. If you finish sixth afterwards, that’s great, but that means you have to do the jump-offs from the start… Is that premature? I don’t know… We don’t say no after that. Because when you’re in the closing stages, anything is possible. In any case, we are building a team to be in the middle of the table, which is very interesting for a first year. I think it’s really doable. But it’s unclear what the other teams are doing and how they’ve gotten stronger. We’ll see at the start of the season. After the first two blocks we can judge the level of the hen. Before that it gets complicated. In hindsight, I really think that with what we set out to do, the goal of mid-table is achievable.

Are you ambitious, but before you aim too high, you need to structure yourself first?

Yes, and we really do. If we’re that ambitious, it’s because we give ourselves the means and we’re ready like last season. Then I wondered if it wasn’t too early to play the final stages in the first season. I don’t have an answer, but if it’s not a goal, we won’t refuse a place in the final stages. If we’re in the top six it’s because we deserve it and we’re going to play hard against them because then anything can happen. However, we will not be announcing an increase in Federal 1 you have to know how to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Finally, we’re mainly focusing on our primary goal of getting us as fast as possible, once we’ve recorded it we can see if we can claim otherwise.

Your priority was to keep a large part of the workforce: did you manage to do that?

Yes, we really wanted to keep a very large core and managed to keep a large part of the workforce even though we still have a few interviews ahead of us. We have a few departures that have already been recorded, such as Anthony Sclers which unfortunately ended his career. or Tangi Mailly who also stops, even if we try to persuade him to continue every time! He hasn’t given up yet, but the season hasn’t started yet (Laugh). Next, Alexis Zimmerman puts rugby on hold for his studies because the two are no longer compatible, Thomas Prevost Anyone in the same situation has chosen rugby. Antoine Macrez He will certainly miss the start of the season due to injuries and work, but we will bring him back in the season, that’s for sure. Apart from a few young people who played in the reserve and have to leave because of their studies, we keep everyone. Players really want to try the adventure covenant 2.

We will need everyone

What was your hiring goal?

We wanted to compensate for the departureAnthony Sclers and the lack of macrez at the forefront at the start of the season. We have therefore signed two pillars that will come to strengthen us and why not we would like to sign a third. It’s a position we were sometimes lacking in last year and when we have several players for that position we know that we take two in every game, it’s not too much. If we don’t manage to sign a third one, it doesn’t matter, but we’d love to. Then we signed two guys who play in the 2nd row, including one who plays more in the 8th row. There’s also a center that can also play on the wings and finish a 9-10. So we’re at 6 new players and will maybe do 2-3 more moves at most with the aim of expanding the group. We know we have what it takes with the players already in place, but there will be some 22 games and we want to field a 100 percent team every time. The boys can say to themselves: “Damn, there are a lot of new ones, we don’t play there”… But we need everyone and nobody will leave with a guaranteed place. If we want to be competitive, we have to strengthen the group in terms of numbers, but also in terms of quality. We will play 22 games an intensity close to that which we experienced in the final stages and playing all matches with good performance is almost impossible. So we decided to add depth to the group. It’s not because we’re looking for new ones that we don’t have confidence in our players. We have confidence but like every year we will be looking for people of higher level to help the team and our local players to keep moving forward. After that, we’re never safe from good surprises and guys who call us up and say, “I’m moving locally for a reason like this. can i come play But on the contrary, in September it is possible that one of our players tells us that he has to change and that he is leaving too…

Just because we’re looking for new players doesn’t mean we don’t trust our players

Finally, your recruitment is the same as last year?

Yes, we’re going to level up and inevitably have to strengthen the team, but we also can’t do anything and forget what we have. Our best recruitment is being able to keep most of the workforce. When I arrived in Amiens I came from a Confederation 2 club and immediately saw incredible players. They asked me why I came here and I said to them, ‘But, don’t you know, there are so many guys that I would have loved to have had at Federal 2 and who would have been good teammates! “As I have always said, there is a very large number of guys in this team who have the qualities to be very good teammates in Fédérale 2. After that, we also have very good players who are able to do that X Factors like our three internationals or even Thomas Prevost or Louis Wiotte. These players may not be as many X-Factors in Federal 2, and the goal was to add people who are capable but also have experience. Last year, a man’s experience like Anthony Sclers for example has served us tremendously. A guy like Thomas Wayart who played almost every game to the fullest finished the season completely dead and he won’t be able to do that next year, so he had to strengthen himself quantitatively. It will also bring emulation because the guys have to go there to win their seats and it will strengthen the group!

The reserve will also be very ambitious for the coming season?

Our reserve will be even more ambitious! We only have one group and potentially everyone can play in both teams. She had a fantastic season with a round of 16 against an opponent who went very far. We need a strong reserve for the first team to perform well. Leaving is out of the question. They must continue to be a hard reserve to beat, tenacious at home and able to bat away. It must easily aim for the top 6 or even 4 next year. Given the level shown over the past year, the stage of progress of some and the contribution, this is a realistic goal. By strengthening the first team, we inevitably also strengthen the reserve through the domino effect. We’re keeping our three caps, so every time there’s going to be someone who plays with them and lets it go Tsomondo, O’Neill or Van Rensburg, when they play with them, it changes things and advances the players. Like last year, we will be looking at the reserve performances of all players because there are many players who are developing in reserve and claiming to play in A, as was the case last year matzah Where Maugard for example, but there are others who didn’t necessarily play, but could have played. The reserve will therefore be very important for next year and hopefully be a driving force again.

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