Update on our international Rouge & Noir – RCT – Rugby Club Toulonnais

A few days ago we listed them Toulon left in the choices for these summer tours. Two weeks later and after playing several games, we take stock of the results of our Red Black With their national teams.

As we approach the final weekend of international competition, we look forward to the final games to come.


Once is not common, let’s start with this first assessment Georgia. It must be said that the team is our pillar Beka Gigashvili realized a historic achievement. For the first time in their history the lelos beat a team step 1. A clear win (28-19) It before Italian which allows them to settle down a little more a growing nation in the world of rugby.

And like them Toulon and old Toulon are never far away, this success had such an impact in Georgia that itself Mamuka Gorgodze took to the field to celebrate this win with his former teammates. That Georgia will end in any case friendlies after receipt of Portugal this weekend.


They certainly followed it, but the French ended their season with one 10/10. A perfect score acquired after two victories over the Japanese this summer. Successes that were made possible thanks in particular to Toulon. Jean-Baptiste Gros and Karl Ollivon lived through two terms while Dany Priso came from the bank twice.

To the Swan Rebbadj, Christopher Tolofua and Aymerich Luc On the other hand, no season this summer, but a round in the group France noticed. The XV of France found elsewhere first nation in the world for the first time in its history.

South Africa

side springbokthere is also a game against Wales. And the least we can say is that it will be crucial. The world champions had indeed started with a great win against gut Leeks XV (32-29) particularly interrupted by an attempt Toulon’s winger Cheslin Kolbe.

Unfortunately, the future residents of the RCT campus could not repeat this performance last weekend and fell back by one point (12-13) in the second test game. So judge this Saturday at 5:05 p.m (French time) for the third and final test match between these two teams.


Mixed results for Fiji in which Pacific Nations Cup. teammates of the captain Waisea Nayacalevu couldn’t do better than a win and a loss. After a great entry given the Tonga (36-0)especially with the attempt Jiuta Wainoqolothey then switched their list the following week.

result, a defeat (18-32) with view onAustralia A what the banned Fijian to the 3rd place this competition. They still have a crucial meeting this summer with a clash Saturday at 5:30 p.m (French time) it before Samoanfirst in the championship and the only undefeated team.


With view onScotlandshe Argentines had ups and downs too. to San Salvador de Jujuyin which north of the country first Cougars started well with a win (26-18). It got more complicated a week later Salza this time with a loss (6-29) and poor performance.

For these two games Facundo Isa started on the bench before being substituted on Marco Kremer (59′) and Rodrigo Bruni (46′). see you now Saturday at 9:10 p.m (French time) for the beauty between these two teams.

The other nations

Finally, a brief word about the other nations and in particular about two oppositions North South who have been entertaining us for two weeks. First of all there are these games between the English and the Australian. The first round was won by the Australian at perth for a close result (30-28) which doesn’t particularly reflect the physiognomy of the game. Before the revenge of English a few days later (17-25) at Brisbane. The third game is played Sydney this Saturday at 11:55 am (French time).

Above 2000km from there directioneast and the New Zealand. Saturday the All Black received again Irishthis time to wellington. A game to play 09:05 (French time) between two teams that don’t give each other gifts. The players from Beauden Barrett initially made short work of it Irish at Auckland (42-19) before suffering the backlash a week later (12-23) at 14 against 15 at Dunedin.

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