Rugby. He is the namesake of the best player in the world and plays as an amateur: the other Antoine Dupont

Antoine Dupont, 28, plays at an amateur club south of Toulouse, a few kilometers from his illustrious namesake (©SG / Rugby News)

His name is Antoine DuPont and game rugby in Haute-Garonne but is not the best player in the world. It’s actually about the namesake the Scrum half of the XV of France and Toulouse, which develops in the south of toulouseunder the colors of SC Rieumes (Fédérale 2), the club dear to the Viviès brothers, Christian and Bernard.

Rugby News met this 28-year-old full-back, affectionately nicknamed ‘Antoine Dupont de Wish (or the Poor)’ by his partners, who shares many points with the French rugby prodigy.

The two Antoine Duponts clashed in UNSS high school

Born in Toulouse, this Antoine Dupont also grew up and started playing rugby a few kilometers from the Gers, not Castelnau Magnoac (Hautes Pyrenees) as illustrated by Dupont, but in Rieumes (Haute-Garonne). “I did all my rugby school at Sporting Club Rieumois before going to Samatan for a year in Cadets 2th year, then two seasons in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, where I did my higher education before returning home. The SCR called me and I ran back because the club had just been promoted to Federal 3 and I had just experienced that level with Saint-Paul-lès-Dax,” explains the man, who comes from a very rugby-loving family, his father and his Uncles played at SCR, and he’s starting his 8th seasone Consecutive season with the Blue and White Seniors squad.

In the Armagnac-Bigorre committee’s junior selection, the winger or full-back has made particular progress alongside Johan Demai-Hamecher, international at VII and resident of Armagnac-Bigorre RC too. That year also saw the arrival of his namesake, a resident of the Australian club who, along with a certain, was already a cadet Anthony Jelonch.

If he’s never had the chance to get to know the scrum half of the blues and Stade Toulousain, the Rieumois explains that during his school days in Auch he already crossed paths with the best player in the world on several occasions. .

We met by chance when he was not known at all. In fact, my friend was in high school next to mine and saw on the lists before returning that there was an Antoine Dupont. At first she thought it was me, but it turned out to be him. My friend played UNSS rugby in her high school, so she used to meet him and tell him she was dating someone with his name. We met her in Auch one Wednesday afternoon and she showed it to me and said, “Hey, he’s the other Antoine Dupont!”

Antoine DuPontRieume’s full-back

The Rieumois even had a chance to meet his namesake on the pitch: “I played against him in UNSS rugby back then. I wore the colors of Le Garros High School and he wore Beaulieu Agricultural High School, along with his childhood friend Anthony Jelonch. Technically he was very impressive. »

The Rieumois Antoine Dupont has seen some funny situations for being the namesake of the best player in the world. (©SG/ActuRugby)

“Agents and conservationists have contacted me on Facebook”

In 2018, Marlène, partner of Antoine Dupont le Rieumois, met the current best player in the world during an awards ceremony organized at the Casino Barrière in Toulouse. “They met again there and he remembered me very well and even asked him about me and my club because at that time we had Lannemezan in the pool and his brother was playing at CAL. Also, Antoine Dupont was in the stands to watch the first leg to see, so we met quickly. »

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This father-to-be, who lives in Saint-Thomas, 15 km from Rieumes, works as aservice agent in a center for the disabled in Lahage. A professional universe where its namesake often returns to the table. “I meet a lot of people with disabilities and they only talk to me about it… Some even ask me if Antoine Dupont isn’t my brother. »

Younger, the winger or back man of Rieumes, also experienced totally weird situations with people who mistook Antoine Dupont:

I never received an administrative document intended for him. On the other hand, I had contacts with players’ agents, including one from Toulon who managed Mamuka Gorgodze’s career, but also with property managers who had confused Antoine Dupont. They had contacted me on Facebook and I was even invited to a dinner in Castres when Antoine Dupont was still playing at CO. I told this guy that he would be disappointed if he came to see me and especially disappointed with my heritage…(laughs).

Antoine DuPontRieumes full-back (Federal 2)

“According to FFR we are just two Antoine Dupont to play rugby”

This name and this identity are not difficult or hard to take for the Rieumois, who rather takes it very cool and relaxed: “We laugh about it more than anything … It’s the name of the best player in the world, so I wear it just let’s say there are worse. It doesn’t bother me, even at rugby level, I don’t get pushed around on the pitch by opponents at the moment and no one has ever argued with me about it.”

On the other hand, if there are indeed some who take advantage of this situation, it is his teammates and friends from Sporting Club Rieumois who are having fun: “They christened me Antoine Dupont de Wish, that’s the nickname that comes back the most and I like it a lot. Others also enjoy calling me Toto Dupont, like the Toulousain. It’s always cheerful and fun,” explains the man who would have been the only namesake for the current best player in the world. “Personally, I know no others and according to FFR I would be the only amateur rugby player to call himself that so there would only be two of us Antoine Dupont playing rugby in France.”

Antoine DuPont
Rieumois Antoine Dupont is a fan of Stade Toulousain and its eponymous stadium. (©DR)

“Despite his status, Antoine Dupont seems very available and approachable”

Support of toulouse, the Antoine Dupont Rieumois regularly goes to Ernest-Wallon to take part in the scrum-half matches. “I was mainly in the playoffs against La Rochelle and the weekend before against Biarritz. My in-laws are subscribers, so they often manage to get us seats and as soon as we can, we leave,” explains the sufferer, who never tried to meet his namesake at the exit of the dressing room. “I don’t bother to do that but I don’t worry if I ever need to see him again, despite his status he still seems very available and approachable. »

The small winger Rieumois, who knew the Armagnac-Bigorre selection in the U17, has the springbok as a role model Cheslin KolbeAntoine Dupont’s ex-partner in Toulouse:

I appreciate his style of play and assists that mystify defense. I also really like Gabin Villière’s style of play, I love his aggressiveness and his spice. I compare myself to him sometimes and tell myself that I must be poison on the pitch. I kind of have the same zesty acting style, making lines and chasing after the big boys, love that!

Antoine DuPontRieume’s full-back

And while he might have dreamed of a similar career to his namesake because “it’s hard to dream better”, Antoine Dupont is content with SCR church tower rugby and his childhood friends within a workforce whose forwards are coached by the Rieumois Jean-François Montauriol (39 years old), former Italy international of the second or third line (2 selections), has overtaken Toulouse or Treviso. “Any rugby player would have loved to have had his destiny as at 26 he just has to win the World Cup and he risks touching it in 2023 I wish him anyway. »

And his Rieumois namesake will be the blues’ premier supporter and the best player in the world in his quest for a world title.

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