Vimoutiers, capital of pedal cars for 24 hours and a minute!

The Vimoutiers fire brigade is recruiting two teams for this new edition ©Le Réveil Normand

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the French Federation of Pedal Car Clubsrevives the races and the 24-hour event organized by Vimoutiers (Orne) Animation and which should have taken place in 2021, this event being organized every two years in the capital of the canton, cradle of the event and the federation in which was born 1982, at the MJC.

A tourist commemorative rally

Finally, this shift makes it possible to celebrate 40 years of this encounter happy, friendly, festive and sporty with a special program under the title Four days in Vimoutiersconcocted by the Federation, which also aims to pay homage to the founding President Hervé Druaux aka Baloo.

On Friday, July 15th, we are organizing a tourist commemorative rally in pedal cars that will lead to the significant places of the founding of the Federation.

Cedric Perrot Audet, President

The circuit takes them to MJC, to vito then to the Crouttes cemetery, where Hervé Druaux, who died in 2008, is buried.

On Saturday, after a parade and presentation of the teams, places will be allocated from 2 p.m 4 p.mat the start of the 24-hour race, in Vimoutiers town centre.

The race track passed the Rue Pasteur

Among the participating cars is the Mario Kart of Jérôme Fauvel and his friends. This country boy keeps his family ties to Vimoutiers, where his parents Gérard and Marie-Françoise Fauvel live.

The Mario Kart team
The Mario Kart team is ready for the start ©Le Réveil Normand

The 24 hours rocked his childhood.

I remember that in its early days the race was passed in front of the house on rue Pasteur as well as in front of the MJC which is down the street. The circuit was longer then.

Jerome Fauvel

He keeps great memories with “the festive side of the organization and the race. It’s an original event”. He had experienced it in 2005 with a group of friends.

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The desire arose to repeat what had been experienced 2019

I celebrated my 40th birthday here three years ago. We had rented the Maison Familiale Rurale.

Jerome Fauvel

Coincidentally, there was one this weekend New edition of the 24-hour pedal cars. “It started from there.” Arnaud Riviere (his brother-in-law), Armel Pingault (a table tennis buddy) and Aurélie Bouhallier (a friend from college) who is temporarily replacing her spouse will (re) don the costume of the famous plumber Mario Kart.

For the little story Gerald Fauvelthe father, had taken part in the 24 hours of pedal boating on the Vitou pond, a forerunner of the 24 hours of pedal cars.

To set the meeting on fire (that is, to set the mood), you can also count on it two crews trained by the Vimoutiers firefighters. protesters. The Soldiers of Fire will leave their big red trucks in the garage to board lighter vehicles that use far less energy.

Eventually energy, which they have to spare to feed those cars that run on energy… muscle. A renewable energy that must also be sustainable to last 24 hours and a minute.

“Clowns play sports and athletes play clowns”

We have a few surprises in store.

Pierre-Louis Routier, President of the Association

He will be co-pilot with Pascal Petilaire (it will appear in the 5th edition!), Simon Burgundy and Cyril Cordey. A shock team that depends on a good placement. The second crew is made up of newcomers to the event Titouan Venard, Stevens Fourmont, Denis Gurin and the female of the group, Rachel Flandrin.

We go there for fun.

Stevens Fourmont

Because the firefighters have been around for a long time in this amazing meeting, as crazy as it is festive, where “clowns play sports and athletes play clowns” to start again currency of the federal government. motto that, taken on its own, sums up this original meeting Appearance and animation are just as important as speed.

A tavern evening

Around the meeting, Vimoutiers Animation offers a Guinguette eveningSaturday from 7pm, Quai des Augustines, with barbecue (8 €) and musical entertainment: Willy and the Conquerors, Arlette Denis and her Macadam Manivelle and Brigitte Rogereau and her accordion.

Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July 24 hours and one minute pedal cars. Presentation of the teams from 2 p.m., departure at 4 p.m., Saturday.

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