How to avoid flies in the house? 5 natural recipes to keep them out of your home real quick!

In summer, flies like mosquitoes are constantly present to disturb and disturb our rest. In fact, these insects enter our homes thanks to the warmth of our interiors and the smells that attract them. How to avoid flies in the house? Fortunately, there are natural and ecological tricks to get rid of it. What if we told you 5 of them? It goes this way!

When the summer heat wave takes over, flies land everywhere. Problem: They carry bacteria and make their excrement on whatever they find. In addition, in the summer, females reproduce very quickly and can lay 400-600 eggs. Luckily, there are natural and ecological ways to get rid of them. And that without chemicals. Here are 5 just for you!

A clean house

Throw leftovers against flies in the house

Simple and basic! To avoid having flies in your home, you need to start by not attracting them. To do this, keep your house clean with no food or dirty dishes visible. Make sure your work surfaces are clean and free of crumbs and leftover food, and that your trash cans are emptied regularly and odor free.

Clean your interior well to avoid flies in house 2022

Why not take the opportunity to make your own natural home products yourself? So there is no doubt that you will greatly limit the damage!

white wine vinegar

white vinegar against flies

Known for its use in the garden, white vinegar is an essential part of the household as it is useful for the natural cleaning and disinfection of everything. In addition, it is harmless to health. First, start by pouring a small amount of white vinegar into cups that you set around the house. You will see, the flies no longer dare to enter your home! You can also mix some in a spray bottle with a few drops of essential oil. Then spray the solution around doors and windows.

Cleaning windows with white vinegar 2022

Likewise, you can kill two birds with one stone by using white vinegar to clean your windows and window frames. To do this, first dilute it in a little hot water. Then clean with a clean, soft cloth. In this way, your windows are perfectly cleaned, disinfected and freed from traces of water and other dirt. In addition, flies stay away from your windows because you will have understood that they do not like this smell so much.


Lavender for fly repellent 2022

Lavender is a good flea or tick repellent. It is also a good ally against flies. Also a major benefit, lavender smells good! You are spoiled for choice when it comes to disposing of it at home: in bags, in small jars, in bouquets, in essential oils, etc.

Lavender bag in the house 2022

So why not grow some in your garden or on your windowsill too? As for lavender essential oil, you can pour a few drops on pieces of fabric. It is best to place them in different places in the house for greater efficiency.

5 natural solutions to keep flies away in 2022

Flies and mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella, rose geranium, basil, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. Arrange it on pieces of fabric or in small cups to place near your doors and windows. Results Guaranteed!

What essential oils against flies 2022

Put a few drops on your clothes to repel the mosquitoes and flies that buzz around you outdoors. So you can fully enjoy your aperitif dinners on your terrace.

Aromatic herbs: basil and mint

Mint against flies

Basil is a very effective plant to repel flies! Get several pots of basil and place them on your windowsills. Like basil, mint is a flavor that flies dislike. Arrange a few feet in pots that you will also put on your windowsills. Here’s a good reason to grow aromatic plants in your garden, right?

Efficacy of basil against flies 2022

In fact, basil and mint are real natural solutions to get rid of flies and other harmful insects. In addition, you can enjoy it by preparing good meals while enjoying both the beautiful flowering and the taste of aromatic plants! Beautiful or?

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