Visit her sublime luxury home

Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in the world, it goes without saying. But it’s not just his success or talent that precedes his reputation. It’s also his colossal net worth. Because the singer is the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the United States. In short, she knew how to build an empire by the sweat of her brow. So these are obviously luxurious residences owned by the star.

And of course his fans would give anything to visit them again! Fortunately, in the columns of various magazine colleagues such as audiencesome information may have reached the ears ofobjecto about Rihanna’s luxury mansions. We learn from a reliable source that the young mother has several qualities worth seeing. The one she is currently residing in is the grandest of all that she owns and is located in Los Angeles, USA.

Rihanna owns some stunning properties

At 34, Rihanna is a world-renowned star. No wonder she had a colossal fortune at the time, allowing her to afford staggering luxury villas. After the columns of forbesThe star is at the helm of a fortune estimated at $1.4 billion. But it will likely be without counting his cosmetics line or even his underwear line! There fifty beauty and Savage X Fenty also bring him several billion dollars.

Our colleagues thus confirm that Rihanna holds 50% fifty beauty, as does the LVMH Group. This company is valued at $2.8 billion. Then comes Savage X Fenty, of which it owns 30% and is valued at $1 billion. And this again without taking into account the rents of his properties, for example, or the investments or stocks he must own.

Of course, when someone is at the head of such a fortune, he must have accountants or financial experts at his service. Rihanna won’t tell us all of these investments, therefore, and we’ll only ever have a glimpse of the star’s colossal capital. That being said, its luxury villas can probably speak for themselves. Of course, being the owner of such residences, the singer is rich.

However, unlike other stars of her stature, she prefers to be more discreet about the property she owns. While she doesn’t hesitate to pose while eating caviar or appearing in overpriced outfits, she rarely shows the inside of her apartment to the media. And for good reason, it could be controversial! Fortunately, we were able to unearth some information.

It’s the owner’s turn

To start Rihanna’s real estate list, let’s talk about her Los Angeles mansions. In fact, she has two homes in the City of Angels, United States. The first of his possessions is an apartment of 300 m2. But the beauty also has an apartment in Barbados that has a living space of 1,000 m2. Also note that Rihanna’s 300m2 apartment is for rent. So there is one person who can boast of having the star as an owner.

The star is also known to own a mansion in London that was reportedly up for sale almost two years ago. objecto can even tell you that all for the sum of 32 million! but objecto Let’s go back to the mansion where Rihanna lives. This is a stunning house of 2,040 m2. It is located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. This house has been Rihanna’s home for over a year and now her baby too.

The villa has no fewer than five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. And still after the guidance of forbesNothing is missing on the outside either. Rihanna’s house is built in a U-shape, with a terrace, a garden and, of course, a swimming pool in the cove. Nobody doubts that his son will have a golden childhood in this fantastic environment. Rihanna became a mother in May 2022 and the father is none other than rapper ASAP Rocky.

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