LIVE – OL: Follow Peter Bosz’s press conference

end of this press conference

After reminding Bosz that “every player will play 45 minutes” in the first pre-season games, Petez leaves his desk and the orienteering press room.

Bosz on the friendly against Dynamo Kyiv and the situation in Ukraine

“What’s going on there, pff… I spoke to Tetê about what’s going on there with his family. It’s something different, it goes beyond football. We, we don’t know the war.”

Bosz on the identity of his future captain

“I will decide on the captain at the end of the preparation. I want to take the time to get to know the new people and then I’ll make the decision. The captain enters the field first with all players behind. he is a personality who carries his team to victory”.

Bosz on Paqueta’s future

“I want to keep all the good players, but you also have to be realistic. It’s not just about the manager, it’s also about the player, the club and the opposing clubs. It’s a game between different parties. It depends on what Lucas wants.”

Bosz on the Tagliafico rumor

“I have no news on that. We are obviously looking for a left-back. I will talk about the players who are at our club. I can say things when he signs.”

Bosz on the possibility of an association between Dembélé and Lacazette

“Absolutely, you can play with one striker or two, or even one of those two in the number 10 position.”

Bossz on the upcoming season

“I’m hoping for a special season, we’re prepared for that. Something has to change. Everyone is happy, thinks they’ll play, it’s always like that. The group can be a lot smaller than it is now, we’ll see if it player gives.” injured, we can have one or two more”.

Bosz on the Dubois and Boateng cases

“I decide, we’ll see after 5 weeks if they start and where they play.”

Bosz on the arrival of Textor

“It’s not pressure, it’s a challenge. I only see the positive side, the pressure is there but it’s good for me, the players and the fans.”

Bosz on the arrival of Lacazette and Tolisso

“After five years they have a lot of experience, I think it’s a good thing for us and for those who love orienteering. Their level and experience will help the team, from time to time we lacked leaders who love their club and football know them at the highest level. They’ve played abroad, that’s a plus and they’ll pass that on to our team.”

Bossz on the past season

“It’s clear that we were very disappointed with these results. We started with hope and a lot of faith, not just in me or in the players. I also hope in the fans.”

Bosz on today’s training session

“It’s the first time we train in the new season, with a lot of players and a lot of hopes.”

let’s go

Peter Bosz settles in at his desk and prepares to answer journalists’ questions for this first press conference of the 2022-2023 season.

It shouldn’t take long

Petez Bosz’s press conference scheduled for 11:30 a.m. has not yet started. The Lyon coach is expected in the next few minutes.

Bosz in the middle of a photo shoot

Petez Bosz, who is expected at a press conference, is currently taking advantage of the sun and the public to indulge in an autograph and selfie session with his players.

The Lyoners are still in training

The orienteering coach and his men are still standing on the lawn of their training center for the first session of the season, which is open to the public.

Friendly match program of OL

Saturday July 9:

OL – Bourg en Bresse until 7 p.m

Tuesday, July 12:

OL – Dynamo Kyiv by 18 clock

Saturday July 16:

RSC Anderlecht – O.L at 3 p.m

Saturday, July 23:

Willem II – OL at 16 o’clock

Sunday, July 24th:

Feyenoord OL at 4:45 p.m

Saturday July 30:

Inter Milan – OL at 8:30 p.m


Welcome to our live stream of Peter Bosz’s press conference, his first speech since John Textor’s arrival at OL. The Lyon coach is expected at the counter at 11:30.

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