Bordeaux: Created to compete with Deliveroo, a platform that offers reduced delivery costs

Blackbird is a new meal delivery platform that aims to be more virtuous for its employees (©

Jérémy and Nicolas, in their early thirties, met on their bikes. But not on a hike, although they always had to carry heavy backpacks on their backs. In fact, the two were accomplices Deliverer to the Deliverooat Bordeaux (Gironde).

Tired of practices they considered “inhumane”, they slammed the British company’s door to create their own: blackbird.

This platform, launched at the beginning of March 2022She is faithful to what she imagined: too virtuous for employees only for Customers.

“The Injustice of Too Much”

“When we became a delivery agent in 2017, we could easily generate 2,500 euros in sales per month by pedaling 100 kilometers a day,” Jérémy recalls. The delivery service then lowered its prices. “The race went from €5 in 2017 to €4.5 in 2018, then €2.6 in 2019,” says the former auto entrepreneur, who claims to have lost 30% to 40% of his salary to same work in three years .

“Injustice” too much for Jérémy, marking the beginning of his militant journey. After a strike, a petition that collected more than 70,000 signatures, he even traveled by bike to Paris to meet the company’s French representatives. “Lots of promises. But nothing has changed,” says Jérémy.

So the two friends had an idea: to open the company of their dreams. A platform that would put working conditions front and center, as opposed to the big machines that squeeze their workers to the point of exhaustion. “Our deliverers deserve to be treated well and our customers to be satisfied,” says the young entrepreneur.

Ethical, humane and responsible

After a year of maturing the project and an equity injection of almost 50,000 euros, blackbird was born and became Bordeaux’s first independent food delivery platform. And please “made in Bordeaux”!

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With the help of local developers, they developed three interfaces. One for restaurants, one for suppliers and the last for customers.

But be said, if the values ​​deviate from the major platforms, Blackbird has kept all the codes. Ongoing catering offer, menus illustrated with appetizing photos and a geolocation system: gourmands home delivery will tread on familiar ground.

No more service fees

In addition to the experience of their pool of qualified delivery people, the two entrepreneurs also hope the prices of the dishes will be exempt from the famous “service fees” they find at their competitors.

“Our system is very simple: we do not take commissions from restaurants, but a fixed price and no connection costs for the customer, only delivery costs that depend on the distance. This wins for everyone worldwide,” says Jérémy, who promises an average saving of 40% on delivery costs.

Another originality, and last but not least, employees can decide whether they want to be employees or independent entrepreneurs. But even in the latter case, they will be paid at least 4.5 euros per race.

A fluid interface

In action, the service is also praised for its fluidity, “we’ve already teamed up for the quality of the delivery people,” emphasizes Vincent from the restaurant Big Fernandand we also found the service to be so much more human, for example it allows us to resolve issues directly with the customer, unlike the big platforms.”

The only downside is the range of restaurants, which is set to grow, but currently only has 25 establishments.

“We’re adding restaurants every week, Jeremy assures us, but I’ll admit we’d need a little more cash to move forward… We’ve put all our life savings into it.”

To meet their needs, they have set up a solidarity fund, which you can find here. Something to give them a little boost.

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