Stéphane Bern, the animator of the French’s favorite village, opened the doors of his house in Thiron-Gardais in Eure-et-Loir, which he renovated for… 4 million euros. The art lover says he’s “ruined.” Explanations.

One of the French’s favorite entertainers has acquired a magnificent building in the heart of a Percheron village of 1000 people. Game Status.

The French’s favorite village in 2022: in Stéphane Bern’s house

The program “The Favorite Village of the French” was broadcast this Wednesday, June 29, 2022. The opportunity for Internet users to see one of the most popular animators, Stephen Berne. The latter is a passionate of history and heritage. He even bought one recently magnificent building in Thiron-Gardais, in Eure et Loir. It’s actually a former royal and military college located in the heart of the village of Percheron of 1000 inhabitants. And as indicated by our colleagues at Marie France, Stéphane Bern would even suffer from a small pathology: the hoard, which consists in keeping everything and throwing nothing away. However, this illness did not prevent Stéphane Bern from showing his house in The French’s Favorite Village, which aired on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

The French’s favorite village in 2022: Stéphane Bern’s house, subject to conditions

But how did Stéphane Bern manage to afford this magnificent house? In fact, there were some conditions to this purchase. The animator of the favorite village of the French had to commit himself Restore Places and create one Museum, in old classrooms. In addition to paying nearby from €300,000 Becoming the proud owner of the building in 2013, the host had to add 4 million euros for the renovation of the site, which forces him to mortgage his Paris apartment in Pigalle! Sacrifices worth making to allow Stéphane Bern to take advantage of his possessions in the pole.

Stéphane Bern: Why did he buy this house?

Today the Lyon entertainer lives in the former home of the Prior of the Abbeywhich stretches no less than 600 m².

“If I’m very objective with myself, I’m ruined but proud,” he explains. Proud of having worked a hundred artisans, proud of having saved this place of history, proud that it can be visited. I love showing it around! »

Discover the report from Stéphane Bern’s house in pictures!