Rugby: after all the excitement, Calais arrives at Federal 3!

After an ultimately unsuccessful rework of the Federal 3 groups, the Calais club secured their ticket to next season’s Federal 3. He will join Lille and Dunkerque, the other two climbers from the Honor Championship. History for the club!

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The day after their elimination in the accession semi-finals in Dunkirk at the end of April, the Calais rugby players did well to move heaven and earth to regroup for the hastily arranged match for third place. ” The date was added at the last minute, we knew a week before that we were going to play Armentières while for many players the season was over; We had absences, injuries, we had to compose… We even brought in players just for this game “, remember Guillaume Bernard, forward coach.

It all happened in the offices of the FFR

The odds were slim, but the winner of that game still had hopes of being drafted into the Federal 3 to join Dunkirk and Lille. A few days ago everything finally got played in the offices of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the Regional Committee.

Guillaume Bernard narrates the different episodes: “ We went through all the feelings a bit… We knew that with third place we still had a chance to move up, the FFR had planned an overhaul of the chickens, with a reduction in the number of teams to reduce rides we hoped Thanks to this, rising did not happen in the end. We’re then told we have a chance to move up if Amiens reaches Federal 2, we thought it was over but the Hauts de France committee voted to go from 8 to 6 teams per group, so without us, which is even impossible Dunkirk.

Guillaume Bernard (right), Calais striker coach, is looking forward to the new challenge that awaits his players at Fédérale 3.  Photo Pascal Bonniere
Guillaume Bernard (right), Calais forward coach, looks forward to the new challenge that Federal 3 awaits his players. Photo Pascal Bonnière – VDNPQR

It was the start of a rebellion by clubs across France that forced the FFR to retreat: ” They abandoned reform to go back to a slightly more old-fashioned formula, with 20 pools with 10 teams in Federal 3, that’s when we were contacted. The vote was recorded last Saturday and so here is the Amicale Rugby Calais at Fédérale 3, for the first time in its history! ” It’s a goal we’ve had for a number of years, we just missed it in 2019 and this season! I think of all those who have worked for the club for years, some are no longer there, but this rise rewards everyone’s work
» greets Guillaume Bernard.

What is changing for the club?

With the good news celebrated, ARC leaders quickly moved to the aftermath to best prepare for this new challenge that is as exciting as it is awe-inspiring. Rugby specialists know it, it’s a gulf that separates the Honor level where Calais hails from Federal 3, a championship that will integrate teams from Ile-de-France. And it’s not the same story anymore. “
This ascension changes a lot. We need to find some kind of professionalization in our operations, in the infrastructures…
“Warns Guillaume Bernard.

The staff is expanded to include sports trainers who Return of Pierre Jacquemin (Ex-back trainer). At least four or five coaches are needed to coach a desired group of 70 players all inclusive, for the first team and the reserve. Calais has already prepared for this by bringing back several former members of the House.

One of the main questions concerns the financial aspect: ​​Calais will have to travel further and further in the area, inevitably the budget will have to increase to cover the costs. ” We have a crucial meeting with City Hall in the next few days.adds Guillaume Bernard. We are going to the national level, we hope that the town hall will follow us and give us a boost. I’m pretty confident. »

Federal Pool 3: Calais, Bobigny, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Compiègne, Soissons, Arras, Roubaix, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Lille, Dunkirk.

First day 18.09.

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