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MBut no, you’re not wrong: when the siren sounds, like every first Wednesday of the month, it’s the monthly delivery of “Lingerie des Jours” that tells you all about the behind-the-scenes of your favorite media outlets. With a special edition for this Wednesday dedicated to the journalists’ editorial conference and the topics they have chosen to submit to your vote.

I was a funeral director, but my contract of employment officially listed me as a “auxiliary”. » That’s the kind of confession we can hear at the journalists’ editorial conference, saying so much that it’s good for a laugh. It was Tuesday 28th June and it has become a tradition: every year days provide their subscribers with topics to vote on that result from an editorial conference that brings together members of the Society of Friends of days (shareholder readers) and the most loyal journalists. A tradition that is certainly still young, as it goes back to the beginning of history daysand even earlier: the very first vote took place during the crowdfunding that enabled the launch of your information site in 2015. Then it was the series communicators by Aurora Gorius and Good communication, bad COP by Nicolas Cori, who came out of the polls. In the years that followed, this subscriber voice was born We have to save the soldier Maya by Cecile Cazenave From the load to the refrigerator by Thibaut Schepman and 2021 The scam, it’s spreading fastthe study of sect marketing by Marjolaine Koch and Timothée de Rauglaudre.

And then in 2022? Ideas flowed, whether it was during the editorial conference or in writing for those who couldn’t be there. We talked about abortion, RN MPs, influencers, we talked about trees, hospitals, teeth, mental health, cars, prisons and death – About what the undertaker comes out. Everyone brought their own ideas, bounced off those of others, some topics were discarded because they were too broad, others because they were already in the pipeline daysand at the end we voted by show of hands on the final selection of topics that… drum roll…

But before they deliver them to you (you’ve seen that cliffhanger art), the rules of the game: Everyone can vote, but only subscribers’ ballots are counted. The perfect opportunity to subscribe or re-subscribe, right? It’s good, days are campaigning: we need 1,500 more subscribers by July 15th and at the moment we’re only halfway there, we need you all to stay tuned, balanced, independent and ad-free.

If you’re already a subscriber, congratulations, most importantly, stick with it. But you can help even more by donating (66% tax free) or offering a subscription.

  1. That days ” in prison
    Investigating the prison world and its scandals
  2. Abortion, a right guaranteed for life?
    The example of the United States has shown how fragile this law is. And in France?
  3. influencer traffic
    Survey on influencers and their business
  4. My psychiatrist will crack
    Mental Health Survey
  5. undertaker
    Investigation of the death business

Which of these series should see the light of day? Vote below (if you don’t see the voting module, you can access it here):

In case you missed the beginning (1). She’s fresh, she came into the series this Tuesday In the immediate appearance rises on the benches of daily justice. She is known for being fast, almost hasty, sometimes harsh. Everyone has heard his name without knowing the details: welcome to the instant performance. But today the star trial is about to suffocate: 1,500 additional judges would be needed to absorb the day-to-day work. This summer, barely out of the trial of the November 13 attacks, Lola Breton makes the tour of France of ordinary justice.

In case you missed the beginning (2). The law, which greatly facilitates the change of surname thanks to a simple document in the town hall, came into effect on 1 January 2018ah July. No more multi-year court cases without a guarantee of success. But behind the administrative documents are real stories and real people: a childhood to forget, roots to find, a story to pass on. To the daysPauline Paillassa went to meet those who are about to change their identities names of peoplea series in podcast and in free access.

In case you missed the start (3). It’s an existential question, a question we ask ourselves every day: “What are we eating? »… and this is the title of Catherine Mallaval’s new series, which takes its name from the laboratories of the Scientific Gendarmerie in The forensic science, ventures into our refrigerators. Never before has the diet of the French been studied so closely (fat, fiber, salt, etc.), and nutritional research has been so extensive. But as inflation soars, is good food within everyone’s reach? And above all, what do we eat? Already released three episodes and the fourth is coming very soon.

In case you missed the beginning (4). Who says new mandate, who says new legislature, says new season Advisor. For this Season 4, Aurore Gorius returns to the onslaught of the Corridors of Power. Among advisers and cabinet directors, some stay and others go, but they have never been so numerous to emerge and slip out of the private sector. Encouraged by the power of the Macronists, this back-and-forth causes genre blending and conflicts of interest… The first episode is online and more are coming soon.

If you don’t want to miss the start… Without wanting to spoil, the summer of days We’re going to be rich, we’re going to make oil, we’re going to be cold, very cold, we’re going to obey the law, we’re going to work with a respected freelancer from 1906, we’re going to investigate a little bird that makes a lot of noise, and about the Immortality of a group with sequins… yum.

The titles you escaped from. It’s called self-censorship and it’s ugly: the series The cassock by Timothée de Rauglaudre narrowly missed out on one of the most Beatlesian “L’abbé rode” for his episode 2. “Data, data, do-data” which Enrico Macias would not deny. It’s good, do you have it in your head? Don’t thank us, it’s a gift.

Happy July to you.

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