Juxta/Allisone: a strategic partnership to improve dental practice through artificial intelligence

Juxta, a subsidiary of the DL Software group and publisher of software for healthcare centers, has entered into a partnership with Allisone, a specialist in dental X-ray analysis for dental surgeons. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the two companies want to offer dental practices patient monitoring with added value.

In France, 60% of respondents give up dental treatment if the estimate is over €1,000, according to a study of 500 estimates conducted by Santéclair.

In this context, Juxta, which claims the rank of a leading provider of ERP for healthcare centers, has partnered with Allisone to offer an additional building block for patient monitoring. Allisone allows to automate certain administrative tasks of dentists and support the creation of the treatment plan thanks to the analysis of X-rays by artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this unprecedented partnership, Juxta intends to offer all dental centers a high value-added solution. This unique solution, which is directly integrated into Juxta’s Desmos enterprise solution, redraws the contours of the doctor-patient relationship.
In fact, Allisone is able to instantly compare and evaluate thousands of images in a second. She accompanies the treatment plan, taking into account the medical history, medical history and other diagnostic information. When the doctor’s intervention remains absolutely necessary, Allisone makes the images easier to read and allows the dentist to devote more time to their relationship with the patient. Thanks to the automation of tasks, it saves valuable time and allows the creation of a clear and transparent treatment plan.

Allisone fully syncs with Desmos and instantly shares information to ease and automate multiple administrative and time-consuming tasks like writing the first report or editing the estimate.
As proof of its effectiveness, the startup has been working with almost 80 dental centers and more than 800 dentists since its inception in January 2022.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of new dental practices

Seeking innovation, the company quickly turned to Allisone’s technology, which not only quickly detects lesions, but makes them visible to the patient with the naked eye.
Indeed, this solution strengthens Juxta’s ability to innovate and puts the publisher at the forefront of integrating AI into its solution for dental practices. With artificial intelligence, Allisone offers an instant analysis of panoramic X-ray images thanks to an intelligent analysis that allows the detection of lesions on each tooth.

According to Romain LEGER, CEO of Juxta, “We are pleased to enter into this enduring partnership with Allisone. This collaboration fits perfectly with our approach to digital transformation. This offering brings real value to the outcomes provided to patients and a simple and reliable patient experience. This solution had an immediate impact on the patients, who today are very responsive to the results thanks to the visual and educational presentation of the radio. Working with Allisone brings patients a true awareness of the need for their care, which was not the case before. »
And dentist Lionel Elbaz, CEO of Allisone, added: It is a win-win relationship because on the one hand Juxta integrates the Allisone building block to facilitate the work of medical teams and on the other hand the Allisone solution facilitates the daily life of the doctor and optimizes the exchange between doctor and patient. In fact, artificial intelligence is not intended to replace the dentist. It offers a second reading that allows to limit errors of interpretation, to form the couple Dentist – IA and to benefit from the extended dentistry. »

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