His before and after shots of his home have netizens hallucinating

Jesta Hillmann and Benoit Assadi are a highly regarded couple. candidates Koh Lanta, they won the victory by both arriving in the finale of the adventure. But to evoke the adventure of TF1 presented by Denis Brogniart, you have to go back to the beginning of its story. In fact, the couple is now married and the cakes are also parents to two children. Juliann was born on July 16, 2019 and Adriann on February 11, 2021.

Apparently, Jesta Hillmann and her husband are therefore concentrating on their life as a couple and their family life. And so that it can go as well as possible, they are committed to making their place of life a comfortable home. Having become real influencers, especially the mother of the family, there are countless videos from the everyday life of this family that fascinate Internet users. objecto Do not hide that it is about 1.5 million to be subscribed to the former candidate’s account Koh Lanta.

And among the most anticipated videos on the internet about Jesta Hillman’s life, his back kitchen renovation was therefore highly anticipated. On this July 2nd, the before / after video therefore surprised more than one!

Jesta Hillmann presents the innovations of her company on the web

Ever since she’s been on Instagram, Jesta Hillmann has developed a special bond with her subscribers. In fact, she discusses all sorts of topics with them without really having to think. But she also takes the time to offer them more in-depth content. So she recently published a video in which she embarked the whole family. A video that certainly required a moment of editing to fix the sequence of images with the music. The result is successful! And above all, it was a very original way for Jesta Hillmann and her family to present their brand new sofa to the netizens.

sure, objecto As you said above, the relationship that netizens were particularly anticipating was Jesta Hillman’s back kitchen makeover. However, the presentation of the family’s new sofa was undoubtedly the icing on the cake. Especially since the video that sets it in scene is perfectly executed. In any case, it is difficult to find fault with the work of this beautiful little family on social networks. And that’s not the goal. In fact, the main thing is to show you the result of the work of this famous back kitchen. And also to tell you about the more than enthusiastic reactions of Internet users to it.

Indeed, since the lovers bought this house to raise their children there, there are always little things to do. But there it is a whole room that finds itself dressed from head to toe in the most elegant of ways. No wonder Jesta Hillmann fans are responding in droves discover.

A stunning video that elicited many reactions

“I know you’ve been looking forward to this real, here it is! The before/during/after of our baking kitchen created by the @ixina_balma teams. so what do you think ? I look forward to your reactions. », Jesta Hillmann wrote in the caption. She also dedicated two people who were the speakers of her redevelopment project. “Kudos to Béatrice and Jérôme for their attention and professionalism, thank you! »She added.

So it’s no wonderobjecto As you said again above, the response from netizens was very enthusiastic. In the comments, Jesta Hillmann’s fans were amazed at the work of the teams on site. Some even believe that it is no longer really a scullery, but a kitchen of its own! And quite frankly, the finishes and equipment have something to dream about.

“But it’s actually a second kitchen, not a scullery! », “Back kitchen? I want them in the main kitchen”, we could read under this publication. Or countless: ” It is wonderful ” and ” Wonderful “. In short, everyone agrees that the before/after is stunning. That the renovation was worth it and the space in the back kitchen seems a lot bigger than before. Kudos to Jesta Hillmann and the teams she brought with her.

While waiting for the new projects of this ambitious influencer, there is no doubt that her fans will see and rate this video. Jesta Hillmann did a great job with this before/after presentation of the work. Maybe other rooms in his house are waiting for a facelift?

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