01Talent Africa and Atos open their first Collective Intelligence Zone in Dakar

An innovative and inclusive educational model. It expands the field of possibilities and makes digital technologies accessible to everyone, regardless of profile, study level, social background, age or gender of the candidates and accelerates the learning process through its disruptive pedagogy.

The educational platform 01Edu “Peer-to-Peer-Learning” makes it possible to train high-level full-stack developers in an innovative way and introduce everyone to computational thinking and collective intelligence thanks to:

● An inclusive, playful and disruptive educational model adapted to today’s youth;

● A pedagogy that is already proven, already used at international level and recognized for meeting the needs of innovative companies;

● A technological platform of the latest generation, modular and scalable. Innovative training and a sustainable model.

Training in digital professions

This new Collective Intelligence Center Zone01 Dakar will convene on campus:

✓ An excellent initial training in digital professions of 18 months + 12

Half-time (during the deepening period), accessible to everyone from the age of 18, without prerequisites, without tuition fees throughout the course.

Based on the 01Edu pedagogy already implemented in more than ten countries in Europe, UK and the Middle East, Zone01 Dakar offers recognized, inclusive, innovative and efficient Code Mastery training;

✓ A digital talent agency that provides teams of developers

high-quality and innovative digital services for local, national or international companies to meet their needs for qualified human resources and to advance their digital transformation;

✓ A vocational training center that includes various re-skilling, training and discovery programs for professionals from the private sector and local authorities, also based on innovative peer-to-peer pedagogy;

✓ A club of private or institutional partners who can join the local digital ecosystem, benefit from privileged access to talent, professional training and the campus, contribute to local initiatives and inspire future digital talent.

Integrate Zone01

The steps to integrate Zone01 Dakar and the components of the course:

1. Online cognition tests, memory and logic games. No development experience or IT skills are required to join the program and pass these 1:30 online selection tests. They make it possible to measure the cognitive abilities, creativity and motivation of candidates and to identify profiles with high potential that could not be recognized by traditional education systems.

2. The swimming pool

Candidates preselected via online testing go to the Dakar campus where they then immerse themselves in the heart of the 01Edu pedagogy for 4 weeks without classes or teachers, based on peer-to-peer learning and group project resolution. The pool is the final step in the selection process.

3. Training: 18 months training + 12 months part-time to train future talents.

This skills acceleration program enables learners in the first 18 months to work in teams on projects lasting 1 to 12 weeks. The local partner companies come to feed this cycle of projects by proposing challenges on real issues they face or will face.

The last 12 months of the part-time course are dedicated to specializing in future fields: artificial intelligence, video games, blockchain, cybersecurity and DevOps or in the development of mobile and web applications… as well as a first part-time job in a partner company.

4. Guaranteed Employment

At the end of this free training of 18 months plus 12 months part-time, all talents trained in Zone01 are guaranteed to work for 3 years at the talent agency 01Talent in various missions or at one of our partner companies.

Have 100% of the 1st cohort

thus a first guaranteed job at the end of the 18-month training.

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