ITEM 14. From Racing to Paris: Baptiste Pesenti, route of a failed transfer

Everyone was only talking about the arrival of Cameron Woki, and yet… Baptiste Pesenti, dismissed as compensation for this 4-star arrival, will therefore only have stayed at Hauts-de-Seine for a year. A native of Saint-Claude, who landed in Nanterre last summer, he will cover the 10 short kilometers that separate the U Arena from Jean-Bouin to reach the capital and the Stade Français Paris. Him ? He’s certainly a very efficient recruit for theSoldiers Roses looking to bolster their 2nd line with a big melee. For Racing, on the other hand, it is the certainty of losing the only number 5 of a certain caliber in its workforce, while at the same time offering it to its greatest enemy.

Top 14 UBB. Thunderbolt: Cameron Woki Will Change Clubs This Summer According To Rugbyrama!

Because the 92 Club’s best supporters know it: What Racing lacks is a right column that can keep you in a scrum. With that in mind, it says that Nyakane only has 40 minutes in his legs. What the Racing also lacks is a massive, rough and combative second bar that can push you through a pack. But the club seems to have recruited it. Finally, what Racing lacks is a Front 5 capable of crushing their opponents, and not just predisposed to playing the ball and being punished, as has been the case in all of the Skies and Whites’ hard-hitting games in this one season was the case. And Cameron Woki may be an excellent rugby player, one of the greatest French talents at his position and with undeniable leadership, he does not represent today the profile that would have suited the needs of racing.

First international pau since 2005, who are you Baptiste Pesenti?First international pau since 2005, who are you Baptiste Pesenti?

As good in 4 as in 6 or 7, Cameron is still a neo second line of 1m97 for 111kg “only”. The opportunity to “offer” it hasn’t passed you by, you say? Maybe, but who to associate it with next year? That’s a good question and we don’t want to be in the mind of Laurent Travers when making these decisions, although we remain convinced that the combination of two sure bets (Woki and Le Roux?) can only ever be harmful. In this little game of complementarity, however, we are almost equally convinced that 1 and 1 do not equal 2 and that this – probable – international doublet will never be as effective as Arnold – Meafou, Lavault – Skelton or Van Rensburg – Willemse approaching it terminal stages. Unless the 38 ton Samoan Poloniati (2m03 for 130kg) does it right away. Anyway, that’s why Racing wanted to get him…

A symbol of racing’s lack of identity

We keep listing, but what’s it all for, by the way? Oh yes, to say that this transfer, which was common to Pesenti at the beginning, is ultimately just the symbol of the lack of racing DNA. Without respecting the club of Jacky Lorenzetti, whose game ended up being – often – very pleasant to watch, he always seems to be in search of an identity. And is therefore ready to recruit a little everything that is conspicuous and comes to hand. Just last summer, let’s not forget that Baptiste Pesenti was announced as the perfect talisman that would bring a new balance to the top 5 in the Ile-de-France region. It’s also not a secret that the Plessis-Robinson-based company spent around €500,000 to get its services. And that today, despite his current contract until 2025, the international with 4 caps has only just been cleared to buy even bigger, at more or less the same price, although the Sky and Whites will certainly also receive a large settlement from Stade Français .

UP 14. TRANSMISSION.  Racing 92 will be allocated an XIII Bomb!UP 14. TRANSMISSION. Racing 92 will be allocated an XIII Bomb!

In fact, we are wondering where the last 6th in the top 14 with the former Pau player wanted to come from. From all that has been said, the colossus (1.95m for 122kg) would not have lived up to all the expectations of the Ile-de-France staff, as evidenced by his 7 minor terms this season. However, this is also explained by a late arrival in the Paris region, followed by a serious shoulder injury in early October, which caused him to miss 4 months of competition and did not allow him to hang 14 match sheets at Practice.2021/2022 . So it’s difficult to blame him fully, even if his second half of the season was mixed, that’s true. In this context, less than a week ago, President Lorenzetti confided in the Midi Olympique that he had no intention of seeing Pesenti go. Three days later, in the final hours of the transfer window, his second line, finally freed, joined the neighbor next door… A final twist in the club’s season that made sense of the words of Ovolta’s owner: “This year we didn’t have enough soul.”

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