Championship of France at the VII. Royal Road to Épernay

IHe will fill Rugby Épernay Champagne’s trophy cabinet for a while and president Marc Sesmat’s team should receive the real one from the association this week – in GA on Saturday in Marseille. “We had a ‘cardboard’ version that will be sent to us”, smiles Johémy Petit, usual coach of the back lines from Rec (F3)… to XV. And on the same ground, this Saturday, July 2, in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), his group of 14 lucky companions became champions of France in the Confederation format (there was also an elite table and another woman ).

Trained at CO Châlons, underwent regrouping 51 among youth, Florian Leguay , 28 next month and captain of the Sparnacian Seven on Saturday, symbolizes the culmination of this great adventure. In between “Cold baths, treatments by physiotherapists and osteopaths provided by the organization and small warm-up exercises”

(Leguay) to keep up.

How did the idea of ​​finishing on the VII come about?

Personally, I’ve always wished for that stage of Seven (seven) at the end of the season. This year we had a pretty good team and at the start Johémy (Petit, coach) had signed us up for two stages in the Grand Est to qualify us for the French championship. Before that of Illkich (near Strasbourg) we had the club ball and he was afraid of not having anyone going there.

So what ?

I told him “that, yes, yes, I would take the reins” and that I would manage to form a team (12 names on a score sheet, from twice seven minutes on the same ground to XV). In the end we managed to have people and we qualified for all three stages of the French championship (Grand Est champions last month in Nancy).

On Saturday there was resistance, a mix of F1-F2-F3…

Exactly. We didn’t think about it, it’s very “beneficial” to be there for us, game after game. In fact, we gained strength throughout the day and progressed bit by bit. And we finish in style (26-12 against Digne).

“I did not want to

To end the frustration of the XV… It’s really great”

Their first rival, Évreux, was the toughest…

Yes, time to get going (19-12 success in the round of 16). We played with our individual qualities, we’ve been playing together for a while (strong team structure), we knew what we were capable of. The collective rolled over everyone (especially defensively, 19:5 in the quarter against Antony, 42:7 against Caen in the semifinals).

You’ve eased your conscience after missing the play-offs…

For my part, I had a very big frustration at that end of the season with XV and didn’t want to finish on top. The VII is completely different from the XV. There’s this tournament atmosphere, good natured…while telling myself there’s something to do this year. It feels good to end like this, it’s really great.

Can this title revitalize some at the club?

I can’t really tell you, but the group that went through this experience was extremely united. With Elliot (D’Haussy, ex-Meyzieu, Rhône, see below) who just arrived, we’ve hardly ever played with him and it feels like he’s been there for ten years (laughs).

Captain of the Rec XV, also champion of the Grand Est VII, Remi Mallet failed to break free on Saturday.

D’Haussy comes, Launay goes: both are champions He arrived from Meyzieu (Rhônne) at the end of the season after playing the last days of the championship. And here is Eliott D’Haussy (2nd or 3rd line) French champion at the beginning of the summer with the rec that will also be his club at the beginning of the school year. “He played with us at the end of the championship and got caught in game VII which the guys were fully committed to, it’s really great, they got him. It made us not play the playoffs. Eliott will be part of the group next season,” says Joémy Petit, who will also return to the service in 2022-23. “We have very few departures, apart from Sylvain Launay, a child of the club, for his studies in Strasbourg, who is aiming for a title. There is also the judgment of Cyril Joseph. We record the arrival of the hopeful of the 3rd line of cognac, Benjamin Vion ”(Petit). Training is scheduled to resume on August 2nd in Chandon.

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