Orientation: where and how do I register for next year (also in July)

The pressure is increasing for high school students who have not yet found their task. There are those interested who have not expressed their interest in time, but not only: many candidates are on the waiting list in the training they are looking for, others are hesitating between two possibilities… And we must not forget the students who do not like the proposals received and students in reorientation. So there will be movement in the next three months.

complementary phase

The platform has just opened the second phase of its process, called the Complementary Phase. It is accessible from June 23rd to September 16th.

For all young people who still do not have a solution, it is time to check the available places. Some courses are not filled, others threaten to be canceled…



found their apprenticeship last summer

Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, 2021

This summer you can make 10 wishes again, as well as 10 more for dual training. In principle, the very selective courses would have been full, but Claire Lecocq, deputy director general of Epita, a computer engineering school, confides: “There’s a lot going on in the summer. For example, if you didn’t get a spot on our Paris campus, maybe some will become available on our other campuses.”

Conclusion: Open your eyes, because on average three out of four high school graduates receive an admission suggestion. And if you’re still having trouble choosing or finding one, contact your academy’s Higher Education Access Commission (Caes) starting July 1. His job is to help you find an education that meets your expectations.

Find training outside of Parcoursup

The platform mobilizes your attention, but don’t forget that many courses are elsewhere. Some courses do not appear on the site for a number of reasons: a question of status, the specialty taught, the novelty of a diploma not yet registered… This is the case of Epita, which is launching a course on artificial intelligence ( AI) ” for[s’]open to more diverse profiles than engineers,” explains Claire Lecocq. It is a new education and at the crossroads of several specialties, which obliges those interested to apply directly to the school.

“As we speak, we need to stop focusing on parcoursup and look differently,” warns Sébastien Dhérines, president of the Hexagone computer school in Versailles, Clermont-Ferrand and Grenoble. Absent from the platform, Hexagone is acting in the same way as other institutions: “You submit a light file online and we will call you back the next day to see if your professional project fits our training,” he explains. Time is on the side of these schools. “If we compare it to Parcoursup’s long expectations, it’s true that we’re going fast,” he admits. A series of tests, then an interview on one of the campuses (they will welcome you throughout the summer) and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

These off-platform facilities are often expensive. At Hexagone, the tuition fees are 8,000 euros per year, with the possibility of switching (i.e. free of charge) from the 3rd year. But in the world outside of Parcoursup you can find everything – communication, hotels, web, creation… for equally different durations and prices. In these schools, the doors are very often wide open until autumn.

“We prefer encounters in all their forms”

Dominique Beccaria begin thierry

Dominique Beccaria General Director of the Ecole de Condé, present in eight cities in France

Do you welcome many candidates in July and August?

A few yes We regularly have places that become vacant for various reasons and remain open. When we face a beautiful personality, we do everything we can to welcome them, even if the walls don’t stretch.

For high school students who have not yet found their training, we are aware that we also act in an advisory capacity. Especially with artistic courses, some people find it difficult to find their way through the labyrinth of possible courses.

Isn’t it a little late to find out?

It’s never too late, especially since many 12th graders have focused on Parcoursup, which is a huge source of information but doesn’t list everything. We are preparing for specialties that do not exist: restorer, illustrator, 3D animator, not to mention all forms of design (product, space, interface) …

There are many different techniques and professions to be discovered. I fully understand that some still need lighting.

What is your admissions process like?

We favor encounters in all their forms: open days, sometimes even in the evening, fairs, introductory courses… It’s the best way to exchange ideas with other students and teachers, to feel the atmosphere. You must be good at your school! Not only we decide: A meeting takes place for two. Our Admissions Officers are not salespeople. We are looking for young, open-minded people with whom we can build a relationship of trust. Capabilities ? They will come later; That is our task.

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