in the heart of the skylight of Évry, emblem of Essonne

The 34 stage winners challenged each other this Saturday in Évry for the title of Skylight King. Water fight, hot dogs and laser precision, RMC Sport was there.

“We call you Mr. Schade”. Tongue hanging out, Malamine Sissokho enjoys chambering the contestants eliminated from the challenge he created with Gay l’Ancien. “Mala” doesn’t let go of the microphone, contrary to her punchlines. “Leave and never come back” comes to sanction another eliminated. Full sun on the City of Pyramids in Evry-Courcouronnes (91). For the skylight finale, City Hall built a 1/1 scale skylight near the most attacked garbage room in southern Paris.

Intercom, glass door, light brown plaster. Same, less hassle. All around two packed stands for an afternoon of poorly timed shots for a few grams of finesse. Social networks and then the passage of professionals built the popularity of the skylight. Brands have tracked and even illustrated campaigns featuring the precision challenge (Adidas with Messi).

A team of seven, led by Mala, traveled to France to select the 34 best triggers: “I’m happy and proud,” replies Mala Sissokho, sports educator, “I’m happy that we can all achieve a good result together achieve place, nothing better. With a balloon and a window we managed to travel around France and meet amazing people. We wanted to do the same for the people who welcomed us into their homes. We provided everything, we wanted these people to have a crazy sick day in Evry”.

34 competitors

It comes from Marseille, Brest, Reims, also from Youtube. The grilling never stops and the hot dogs are gobbled up as fast as the attempts follow each other 12 meters from the magic window. “Drink water,” Mala repeats. The first perfections are celebrated with large clouds of smoke. The blazing sun hits the ground and moderates the heat. The children gallop, but are not allowed to try their luck. We cool down with a water gun.

The 34 selected participants try to send the balloon into the square of 43 centimeters on each side. Tangent attempts are reviewed on a house VAR and bonus attempts are awarded. Eight artillerymen pass the first cut, including Hamdi, who came from Calais: “The aim was to have fun It’s hard, there’s a little stress, admits the Calaisien who’s eliminated and who goes with his FUT card (a Kind of Panini image like a FIFA video game with its stats).

“As a politician, we also have to put skylights”

Three hundred spectators in the stands and some city councilors came to applaud the success of the small skylight, which has itself been dubbed “the most famous window in Europe”. The local caciques also go to practice the truth. Metin Yavuz, the mayor of Valenton (94), thwarts the competition. In a perfectly ironed shirt, he crosses the lens: “It still means something. As politicians, we also have to install skylights,” he smiles. A hug with Mala before leaving Rue Jean-Vallès. “It went around the world,” says Stéphane Beaudet, the mayor of Evry-Courcouronnes. I received the mayor of Montreal skylight”. It’s something created by children from here, we’re proud of that. It’s just because it brings people together, it shows that young people are ideas, that they have to accompany them and that success stories are possible.”

At the same time, the women’s tournament crowned Ishane with her yellow jersey. The young woman, who had gone to train in other cities, won tickets for the Women’s Euro and Iphone. For the boys, Zepek (the little one), Jacquelino on his ID, quickly solves the problem with his left-footed shot. With his fist raised, the 33-year-old roofer is buried under a mountain of spectators. “Pierrefitte’s left leg” in Seine-Saint-Denis won the jackpot with two trips, Playstation 5, iPhone and voucher. “We won’t be proud, but I saw myself as a winner,” he admits. I am very happy.”

The futsal third division club are hoping to wear the same glasses again this season. As the sun began to set behind the bars of the Maurice Genevoix shopping center in Évry, we cleared the podium after a final word from Gay the Elder: “Thank God. Remember that I remain the sensei (of the skylight).” Mala continues to shake hands. Moms come to get his t-shirt to ask him to bring his skylight back to their town: “We are lucky to have already booked the month of July for the ‘summer skylight’. We have many requests. We’ll get some rest first before we see where we can go in season 2.” The original window at 24 rue Jules Vallès in Evry is closed. The few neighbors who are annoyed by the loud notoriety of the place , are quiet now.The new skylight opens up a bright future.

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