An example of a health center to follow

The new Chomerac health center could undoubtedly serve as an example for other Ardèche areas in its method and implementation.

“Without this nursing home, there would only be one family doctor in Chomérac. But today we can congratulate ourselves on four.” François Arsac, Mayor of Chomérac and President of the Privas center Ardèche agglomeration community, summed up in a few words the challenge faced by many Ardèche municipalities for which the medical desert is a reality.

An attractive health project

But to come to the end of this project, “We had to put things right”, explains the mayor. It is therefore out of the question to construct a building before a real health project has been worked out. “It was the doctors who created this health project and had it validated by the ARS (Regional Health Office).” The momentum set in motion made it possible to integrate other professionals from the Priva basin … Which made some teeth twitch! Doctors Jugnet and Maréchal thus left their Ollières-sur-Eyrieux and Privas , to their chagrin of the elected officials of these municipalities. “We have to be clear: They are liberal doctors, they are free to settle down wherever they want. I didn’t take her by the tie to bring her here replies Francois Arsac. If they came, it was because they found the best conditions to practice.”

A diverse range of care

In fact, the building and layout of the nursing home were designed by the practitioners themselves. The result is a nursing home with 21 practices for medical and paramedical professionals (730 m2), a pharmacy (300 m2) and a house for childminders (120 m2). In addition to the four general practitioners, there are two physiotherapists, seven freelance nurses, a midwife, and two orthoptists; a dentist, a psychiatrist, a pediatrician, a doctor specializing in physical medicine… Five specialists (a urologist, two visceral and digestive surgeons, an orthopedist and a gastroenterologist) from the Privas Hospital Center are present once a week for advanced consultations. There are also paramedical professions such as an osteopath, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a nutritionist, a hypnotherapist, a specialist educator and a sophrologist.

A full range of care that allows practitioners to work in a network, or even a little more… The health center also has three-bedroom accommodation, in fact, that can accommodate medical, pharmacy, physiotherapy or even nursing students. “Two of the general practitioners are internship supervisors and always welcome interns, explains Francois Arsac. That can make it easier for them to come. It’s the doctor’s idea.”

“An example of method and implementation”

At the inauguration on Friday, June 24, the nursing home was praised. The senator, Matthieu Darnaud, praised “Exemplary in method and execution. An ambitious and necessary project for the quarter, which will strengthen the attractiveness of the city in the long term.

The project also seems to be in good shape financially. The total cost is estimated at 2.80 million euros. It was financed with 640,000 euros by the state, 200,000 euros by the region and 150,000 euros by the ministry. The rest was financed by the municipality of Chomérac from its own resources, but ultimately will not cost the taxpayer much as the premises are rented to the owner, City Hall, who has entrusted the management to Ardèche Habitat. The rents will therefore pay back the initial investment year after year.

There is no doubt that in the current context of medical desertification, many Ardèche elected officials have to envy the Chomerac nursing home!

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