Discover the winning companies of the Cerema and Shom tender for projects “Innovation: maritime transport from sea to port”

This project call – organized jointly within the framework of CeremaLab and the Shom laboratory, in partnership with the ENSM, the GICAN, the Pôles Mer, Port Atlantique La Rochelle and the Port of Marseille Fos – made it possible to discover companies with innovative solutions to improve shipping or environmental aspects in ports and would like to receive support from these institutions. It was a great success with 31 projects submitted. Nine finalists were selected to pitch in front of the jury, which determined the four winners: Sea Proven, Zelin, UAVIA and Amphitrite. The jury also awarded D-ICE Engineering a “coup de coeur” prize.

31 candidates proposed innovative solutions

Shom and Cerema are complementary players in the maritime sector and signed a framework partnership agreement in 2018 to work together and bring a shared vision to decision makers. This call for projects, part of the desire to send a common message in terms of innovation, brings together leading partners in the maritime industry: ENSM, GIAN, Pôles Mer, Port Atlantique La Rochelle and the Port of Marseille-Fos.

Partner of the Cerema - Shom Call for Projects

It was the ambition Recognizing and establishing cooperations with companies that offer innovative solutions for e-navigation and environmental issues in ports. he collected 31 applications from startups and SMEs mainly active in digital technologies.

Nine finalist companies selected to pitch in front of a panel of experts.

Among these quality candidates are nine dossiers were preselected based on criteria related to the candidate structure and the proposed solution : value proposition and innovative nature of the offer, economic potential, quality and complementarity of the team, suitability to the challenges and added value of the expertise of Cerema and Shom, suitability of the project to the subject of the tender, impact of the solution on navigation.

On June 14, the jury met at GICAN headquarters to review the files of the nine finalists and discuss them with their representatives.

Chaired by Christophe Prazuck, Director of the Institut de l’Océan Sorbonne Université, this jury was composed of representatives of the partners of the call, experts from Cerema and Shom, as well as Bpifrance and Impulse Partners, partners of CeremaLab.

The four winning companies of the project tender

At the end of this day dedicated to the sea and innovation, The jury selected four winners: Sea Proven, Zelin, UAVIA and Amphitrite.

The winning companies were selected based on: the quality of their projects; the interest of related technological building blocks to improve electronic navigation, autonomous navigation or port issues; and for the added value that an accompaniment by Cerema or Shom will bring them.

This was the case during the conference “Digitizing maritime navigation: the S-100 standard in response to the challenges of e-navigation” hosted by Shom at the Euromaritime 2022 exhibition in Marseille Pascal Berteaud, CEO of Cerema, and Laurent Kerléguer, CEO of Shom, officially announced these results.

Sea proven operates autonomous surface vessels. These 20m long and 100% electric powered autonomous vessels are real satellites of the sea and can collect a lot of data and stay at sea completely autonomously for 10 months.

Zelin develops an intelligent routing tool for cargo ships and yachts that allows up to 20% fuel savings thanks to an advanced weather API (sea state + current + wind), 3D digital simulations of the ship (hydrodynamics) and artificial intelligence to define the optimum routing.

UAVIA is a deeptech software maker that develops and deploys a collaborative platform for its customers to monitor autonomous drone operations remotely, securely and over the internet. The use cases in a port environment are very broad: security, surveillance, inspection, etc.

amphitrite produces innovative, reliable and accurate ocean data needed to make the right decisions at sea. Amphitrite’s added value is to bring together multiple satellite and in-situ data using artificial intelligence to provide reliable and needs-adapted information provide maritime actors.

Cerema - Shom Call for Project Winners

“The files preselected for the jury all made a great contribution to maritime innovation. The jury faced top-class business leaders who demonstrated the entrepreneurial dynamism and innovative spirit of SMEs and start-ups from our industry. Choosing Winners Was Difficult The jury ultimately selected four winners whose solutions were mature enough to be effectively supported by Shom and Cerema, and wanted to honor a “coup de coeur” with D-ICE Engineering, a deep tech startup. I applaud the commitment of the members of the jury and the organizers of this Call for Projects and their commitment to making the digital transformation of the maritime industry a success.e”, commented Christophe Prazuck, President of the Jury.

These winners will benefit from Cerema or Shom support for up to five days of free expert support and access to their partner and institutional network.

Specifically, Cerema, referred to as the Carnot Clim’adapt Institute, and Shom will provide business consulting, technical expertise and R&D capabilities to help companies improve their innovations and enable them to deploy them nationwide.

Winners may also benefit from the support of partners who wish to do so.

Companies with particularly promising projects join the CeremaLab ecosystem… including the jury’s “favourite”.

The jury awarded a “coup de coeur” to the company D-ICE Engineering.

D-ICE technology

D-ICE Engineering is a deep-tech company that offers the maritime industry (EMR, offshore, maritime) intelligent, high-performance and low-emission systems and a range of engineering solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

D-ICE Engineering will join the CeremaLab ecosystem and will be able to benefit from an enhancement of its solution on the Cerema or Shom networks.

Among the other companies that presented themselves to the jury but were not selected, several caught the jury members’ attention. As part of its non-profit mission and following its logic of creating an ecosystem of innovative companies in its fields of intervention, Cerema invites you to join the CeremaLab ecosystem.

This community consists of companies that Cerema wants to follow and promote as a provider of innovative solutions. It’s also about potential partners to whom Cerema can offer short or medium-term collaboration opportunities, or a bilateral contract research offer within the Carnot Clim’adapt Institute.

These companies will be highlighted on the Cerema website and face-to-face meetings are planned in the coming weeks. Specific activities will also be offered in the coming months.

For its part, Shom reserves the possibility of re-contacting these companies to lead to other technical cooperation projects as the opportunity arises.

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