FRANCE RUGBY. Huge debts and window dressing? Florian Grill deletes the management of the FFR

We already knew that Florian Grill and the Fed governors would not be vacationing together. What is certain is that the situation will not improve, according to the newspaper published in Sud-Ouest on Friday July 1st. First, the regional duck offered her columns to the Florian Grill. In a scathing interview, the Ile-de-France league president is never tender towards the decisions and directives of Bernard Laporte and his supporters. The former national association presidential candidate, a key figure in the opposition to the FFR, mentioned the many points that needed to be checked on the amateur side. According to him there is “no euro for amateur rugby.“It evokes a high level that capitalizes on all the achievements and puts amateur rugby in a situation.”very disturbing“. He therefore comments on the current policy of the institution:

However, there was 13.5 million extra income thanks to the CVC mutual fund. What is very worrying is that the budget for next year calls for a profit of 1.5 million euros. But if we remove CVC’s contribution, the FFR will lose 12 million euros without putting another euro into amateur rugby. We were also told that if we turned on CVC, the arbitration costs would be paid. This corresponded to a saving of 9 million euros. The promise was not kept. If the leagues ask for help to promote the 2023 World Cup and not get fat, they will be sent back to their 22 meters, even though France-2023 has left to reclaim money from our regions.

To complete this accusation, he also mentions the illegible aspect of this management. He describes this situation:The budget was presented to us in the steering committee in 36 lines, without us even being able to see the details of the payroll, as it is divided between the different departments. Presenting a budget of 135 million in 36 lines is unreadable. Before it was 180 lines. It’s a manager speaking. It is therefore impossible to see the entire payroll and its evolution.FFR – For Florian Grill “the role model function is not an option”Then it highlights other important points in the management of French rugby. According to Florian Grill, the fall in the price of license insurance was areal mismanagement.“The latter would indeed be subject to a future increase of 34%. A coaster that would have been finished”knowingly“and so”shocking“. As he develops his thought, he also develops what makes people put on the crampons on the meadow, he says. The managing director adds: “Proximity is the first criterion of practice. When we combine clubs, we keep the practitioner away. It’s time to open your eyes and face reality: there’s the French men’s team and the women’s sevens, which are a satisfaction. But amateur rugby is not doing well at all.

The FFR does not allow it

When the President of the Ile-de-France League conjures up decisions and policies that look like window dressing for amateur teams, the FFR wanted to react. In the same article proposed by Sud-Ouest, the national body exercised its right of reply. This is how Alexandre Martinez, treasurer of the FFR, acknowledges the high level rating. According to him, this strategy allows for a beneficial trickle down to amateur clubs. He deciphers this dynamic: “You know, if the French team wins, it immediately means additional income, new partners, the will of young people, our children, to play rugby. It’s an investment spread over time.Bernard Laporte's successor for the already simmering French rugby federationBernard Laporte’s successor for the already simmering French rugby federationThe treasurer justifies the planned increase in license prices by pointing to the role of the simple “diverse“ of the institution in this action. In particular, he states that the GMF might have underlined “Bonuses of 4 million euros‘ which could be paid for. These are reserved for 3 people who are in the “Severely injured category“. The 34% increase would then be a “preventive management” Management and not a question of budget.

Alexandre Martinez also offers an answer to the possible deficit that the association would have experienced without the contribution of CVs. According to him, the use of the 13.5 million injected by CVC was reflected by a different prism than that evoked by Grill: “If we found ourselves without the contribution of CVC, we would have a different balance sheet and expenses adjusted to income. Florian Grill has a business approach. But we are an association. There’s an important point of philosophy: a club doesn’t pay dividends, it’s not there to produce results.

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