Rugby: Decazeville, return for the future

It is easier to hold a membership meeting when the sports scores have been at the meeting point during the season. On Thursday, June 30th, in the evening, under the Barnum of the Camille Guibert Stadium, many fans, players and managers came to end the season and to welcome the departure of Christian Murat’s president.

Beyond joining Federal 2, Patrick Malpel and Christian Murat underscored the difficulty of running a club as a whole. “We’re always looking for volunteers, that’s one goal. Times are changing, behaviors in our society are changing. We need people who are committed to the club. “If the sinews of war are partly voluntary work, another has long been mentioned by presidents and concerns the purely sporting plan.” Malpel: “If I find the season pleasant, I would like to come back to the behavior of the players and coaches in the final stages. We showed a good picture of rugby. We are proud of this group that showed values ​​of solidarity and proved that renunciation, solidarity were not empty words in our club.

With a budget of €400,000, the club is now organizing itself for the start of the season in Fédérale 2. With financial support from Promoval, the Rugby Bassin School’s contribution is also increasing, going from 78 licensees to 146 in one season. Sporting will now seek to fulfill its federal obligations and expand its youth center with cadet and junior teams. A complex task as there is a generational gap in these categories but it seems the SCD should hire a cadet formation in their own name and continue the partnership with Villefranche-de-Rouergue at the juniors.

Mathou, a former weight

But the main event of this AG was the succession of Christian Murat. Frédéric Mathou was therefore elected as his successor, as announced in the same columns on Wednesday. While he is well known to former members of the Decazevilloise house, the former solid third line is less well known for Aveyron rugby. Frédéric Mathou was in the 1986 Fédérale 2 final, losing to Rumilly. A merchant in the steel industry, he left the basin when the factories closed to join the Paris region. Recently retired, he is returning to the Basin where he hopes to add value to the club of his heart. “The idea was to come back as a leader he details. But Patrick Malpel quickly asked me to join him at the top of the club. It’s hard to refuse because I believe that as a former member of the club we need to give back what the SCD gave us.“Also, in the closing stages, it wasn’t uncommon to see the imposing stature of ‘Fred’ roaming the club to take his temperature and take stock of the situation before accepting the co-presidency.

Apart from the outside perspective I can bring, the club is in a phase where some key leaders are taking a step backanalyzes the young sixty-year-old. We have to reorganize everything and I think we’re on the right track. But there are several projects to be realized and one of the first is to strengthen the youth center. It’s the basis of a club, the priority.

Complicated transfer window, Barascud returns

President Malpel was clear during this General Assembly: “We will not recruit to recruit. The group will remain the same but we do not hide that we are working to strengthen it.” So the club would be looking for five to six players but the task is proving difficult and contacts with many players are tenuous, like coach Anthony Julian proves. “It’s complicated. We’re ending the season late and we’re contacting players who have already made a choice. We’re not in the professional world. It takes a lot of energy at this very dangerous time. But I have two or three titles that I hope will occur in the coming weeks.” A situation that would not be specific to Sporting. Many clubs seem affected and the idea of ​​keeping your staff is a miracle in the current context. Malpel also confirms this: “We want our players to stay at the club and develop further in Fédérale 2; we have the belief that they can play at this level. It is also a choice to see local players in local colors. Lévézou’s example should be followed.” No extravagant announcement on Thursday either, apart from the signing of center Romain Barascud, who is returning to the club after three intermittent seasons at LSA.

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