Selling a house or property? Think of the developer

Do you own building land according to the development plan and want to sell it at the best price? Do you have an old house that is too damaged to fix? What if you hire a real estate developer instead of selling to an individual? This solution is longer but cheaper and beneficial on all levels, and we explain why.

The different steps to sell your property or house to a real estate developer

Selling land or a house to a developer is a long-term commitment, but with a counterpart who deserves a little patience and good support. On average, it takes at least 12 months for the final signing of the authentic purchase contract at the notary. If the real estate developers usually approach you to negotiate the sale, it is possible to direct the sale of your property to a developer such as Nexity if necessary. After you have chosen your real estate developer, they will carry out a feasibility study of your project, accompanied by an architect and a planning office, to determine the buildability of the property and the type of project that can be realized on your property. Individual houses? Collective housing? Offices? Businesses? The more houses the developer can build, the more gold your land will be worth. This study is therefore important as it establishes the selling price of your property and validates a purchase intent on the part of the promoter. This purchase price takes into account several elements such as the location, the PLU zone to which it belongs, the proximity to transport networks or schools. Once you agree on the price and terms of sale that the developer is offering you for your plot of land, the next step is to sign the promise to purchase. Once signed, the developer is responsible for submitting your building permit application to the town hall before signing the authentic deed of sale at the notary. So it’s official, you’ve sold your land!

The advantages of selling to a real estate developer

Selling your property to a real estate developer is beneficial on several levels. You benefit from his quality expertise in the real estate market. Compared to a sale to a private individual, the transaction is faster. The selling price is higher than the market price that you can negotiate with an individual as it takes into account the commercial potential that may arise later. Thanks to the constructions that he has erected on your property, the developer actually generates a turnover. On average, the purchase price from a property developer is 20 to 30% more expensive than a “classic” sale to a private individual. In addition to the very advantageous financial aspect, many factors can motivate the sale of your property or house to a developer.

Since 2018, you can benefit from a tax deduction on the capital gain if the property is tight. The device thus entitles you to a 70% or 85% discount depending on the type of property to be built. Selling to a developer also means saving on brokerage fees, as there is no need to go through a brokerage office. In addition, sales to a promoter are not subject to seasonality. Your property will be interesting at any time of the year and the sale can take place all year round without suffering from low market prices! By appointing a developer, it is also an opportunity to be involved in the creation of a meaningful and socially useful real estate project: construction of social housing, local amenities or more housing suitable for the disabled. In summary, selling your property to a real estate developer guarantees you a quick transaction at the best price, any time of the year.


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