Sport, unity and sharing in Oran for the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games

the 19th Mediterranean games were launched on June 25, 2022 from Oran, Algeria.

This multisport event, where more than 3,000 athletes from 26 Mediterranean countries, opened on a summer night at the magnificent Olympic Stadium in Algeria’s second largest city. The venue welcomed 40,000 lucky people to witness the opening ceremony live.

Tens of thousands of people also took to the streets to attend the much-anticipated sporting event and to welcome visitors from Africa and Europe.

I’m from Oran and I came all the way from Warsaw in Poland to take part in the games,” says one man. “It’s a source of pride for us in Oran, for Algeria to host these Mediterranean Games, it’s something special. It is great !‘ adds a young woman.

A grand opening ceremony

It is a second organization for Algeria after the 1975 Mediterranean Games, held in the capital, Algiers. For this 2022 edition, a magnificent opening ceremony has been organized with hundreds of artists, musicians and dancers. Algeria, its landscapes, its history and its influence on the Mediterranean were the focus of this two-hour show that took place in the stadium Miloud Hadefi from Oran.

The delegations from the 26 participating countries paraded in a crazy atmosphere. As tradition dictates, the delegation from Greece, the cradle of the Olympic Games, was the first to enter the arena.

The Algerian delegation received a very warm ovation from the local public. Among the athletes especially the boxers Imane Kehlif crowned runner-up world champion in the 63 kg category last May. She was very proud to be the flag bearer of her delegation at the opening ceremony of the Oran Games.

I’m very happy, I’m proud that my country is hosting these Mediterranean Games. I can tell you that the entire Mediterranean basin is in my country. As athletes, we feel like family. We, the pool athletes, coming from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, we form one and the same country.”expressed the young sportsman of 23 years.

unit games

Unit. This is the motto of these games, which bring together three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Different cultures, religions, languages ​​and customs meet in this competition.

When sport matters, sharing is key, as the President of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games explained, David Tizzano : “There is great diversity among the peoples of the Mediterranean, but there is great unity and sport is becoming a common thread that unites young people. So that important values ​​that are the pillars of the sport movement stand out, such as being together, discovering new cultures, mixing with other populations; also understand that there is no separate world and that not everything revolves around us. There are several worlds and each has its own, but it is necessary to join“, he says.

meeting point

For 12 days the athletes live in a “mediterranean village“. It was created for the occasion and stretches over 39 hectares. Athletes sleep, eat, but also train in special rooms. Each nation has its own building, but if they cross in the streets of the village, young athletes can get there know and connect with each other despite different cultures and traditions.

We all want to win on D-Day, but in the end we all embrace and respect each other, and that’s the real win. Because there comes a time when sporting life loses ground, but the human relationships you’ve formed with the people you’ve fought with on the tatami, in the ring or elsewhere endure. And we have to continue that for the next generation“, To express Luigi BusaItalian karateka, flag bearer and Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020.

athlete satisfaction

This sporting event takes place in 37 venues scattered throughout the city and its surroundings. Some infrastructures are brand new, others have been renovated for competitions and training. The work took years and everyone seems happy with the result. In any case, the athletes seem to be worried at first.

It’s true that the organization is different compared to other competitions we participate in as volleyball players, but for the moment we’re really happy to be here. We want to discover everything, have fun and make people happy through sport.” assures the French volleyball player and flag bearer, Luke Basic.

The sports competitions and show will continue in Oran until July 6th.

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