Sport in prison between integration and social peace

Pull-ups, squats, push-ups or dips, the prisoners repeated the street workout exercises. ©YES

As part of the Olympic Week organized from June 20th to 27th, the prisoners of the detention center Fleury-Mérogis could try new sports.

With this competition we were able to strengthen the social bonds between us. We encourage each other, we give each other advice… it restores conviviality in prison. “Komando”*, who is being held in the Fleury-Mérogis detention center, is not wrong. Sport makes it possible to soothe and channel incarceration. A continuity for some, but also a discovery for others who had never set foot in a sports facility. Olympic sport Since the games in Tokyo (Japan) last summer, 3×3 basketball has been gradually developing on French soil. Until taking over the Jacques-Anquetil High School in Fleury-Mérogis for the first edition of the Open 3×3 prison basketball. This tournament for women and men, organized on June 22nd by the Interregional Directorate of Prison Services of Paris and the Ministry of Justice, brought together 130 players from six different establishments in Fleury-Mérogis, Nanterre, Fresnes, Meaux, Melun and Réau. And on this occasion, the French Basketball Federation had put the small courts in the big ones.

Fleury creates the double
In addition to a DJ providing the daytime show, each team had an assigned jersey (home and away) in the name of the prison it represented. There was also a “Unity” uniform for teams composed of multiple inmates from different prisons. ” Some teams consist of inmates and guards. We wanted to create cohesion with the employees. This is important in connection with the reintegration of the prisoner says Vincent Saint-Charles, regional sports coordinator. This day offered a beautiful spectacle.

130 players from six different institutions competed in the first edition of the Open 3×3 Correctional Basketball. ©YES

Between improbable shots, laser passes or even crossovers, a few prisoners put on the show. Especially during the final, where the Fleury-Mérogis research center won for both girls and boys. Fleury’s women’s team won easily against Réau (6-0). As a result, the men’s team from Fleury defeated the previously undefeated team from Meaux (7:3). ” We are at home ! We are at home ! ‘ was heard after the two Fleury finals in the bays of the Floriacumois high school. The day ended with an “All-Star” match featuring experienced players from across the region. ” Everything went wonderfully ‘ says Vincent Saint-Charles, officer on the subject of sport in the prison environment.

A duplex competition
In the same context of the Olympic week, the first edition of the Street Workout Challenge took place on June 24th in the promenade courtyard of the D1 building of the Fleury-Mérogis detention center. An event made possible by the “Impact 2024″ association, which equipped this room with several devices for an amount of around 20,000 euros. An investment to the delight of the prisoners. ” Sometimes we are almost two hundred on a walk, so it is difficult to access the facilities “Explains” Sonny “, inmate of Fleury prison. But the competition was almost postponed due to the moody weather. With the rain curtain and storm over, the twelve selected athletes were free to face the Central House of Poissy competitors. in a Ninja Warrior atmosphere for the youngest or Intervilles for the oldest ‘, ironically Stéphane Scotto, interregional director of prison services. A demonstration that can be followed in duplex mode. A first for an event organized in prison. Pull-ups, squats, push-ups or dips, the prisoners completed the various street workout exercises. ” It’s new to me. I usually only do push ups. We hope that there will be more competitions like this », «Kommando» starts. Proof that the seduction operation is successful.

Jeremy Andrieux
* Names have been changed

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