RUGBY. ITEM 14. The 3 biggest clashes between the RCT and Stade Toulousain at the Vélodrome

If the Orange Vélodrome vibrates around the round ball most of the time, this weekend the city of Marseille’s stadium will rumble around the unpredictable oval ball for a moment. In pursuit of a place in the top 6, the RCT welcomes the Stade Toulousain to the magnificent Orange Vélodrome stadium. A meeting that is therefore held in front of more than 60,000 people, enough to put additional pressure: ” The event is not Toulouse, but the 60,000 people in the Vélodrome ” explained Gabin Villière in the columns of the Midi Olympique. If the absences of Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack, who had to rest, and that of Cheslin Kolbe, who was injured, certainly disappointed the fans. Don’t worry, a Toulon – Toulouse at the Vélodrome is always a spectacle. The opportunity for us to let you relive 3 of the most beautiful clashes between these two teams.

Top 14. Why does Toulon risk dominating the Stade Toulousain in the Velodrome?

March 28, 2014: RCT 32 – 28 Stade Toulousain

On the occasion of the 21st day, The RCT, runners-up in the championship, welcomes a struggling Stade Toulousain, which sits in 8th place. A defeat for the Hauts-Garonne would almost mean goodbye to the 6 qualifying places for the final stages. A game that starts optimally for Toulouse. After a terrific collective action, after several seasons, Fritz serves his half of the scrum terrific indoors, Doussain offers his team the first 7 points of the game. After a try by Mermoz for the Toulonnais and several penalties for both sides, the Varois led 16:13 at the break.

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No time to breathe in the second half, barely out of the dressing room, Lionel Beauxis slammed a drop on the Toulouse side. After a great goal duel, the Toulonnais took the lead in the 66th (25:22), but the Toulouse are more involved than ever. But just 1 minute later, after a tussle from Gallan, Toulon opener Michalak went to score a counter try. The Toulouse are 10 points behind with less than 15 minutes to go. Two Beauxis penalties late in the game closed the gap, but Guy Novés’ men lost at the Vélodrome. Despite this loss The Toulousains had managed to qualify but it was the Toulonnais who had won the Brennus.

RUGBY.  Top 14. Toulouse with a B-Team for the Velodrome clash against Toulon?RUGBY. Top 14. Toulouse with a B-Team for the Velodrome clash against Toulon?

March 28, 2015: RCT 24 – 34 Stade Toulousain

A full year after the defeat of the Hauts-Garonne, the two teams meet again in a new duel at the Vélodrome. The Toulousains are starting with a slightly modified team, while the Toulonnais are presenting their standard team. Michalak, long injured in a shoulder, returns for opener at Var camp. The game got off to a flying start for the locals, who saw their second line from Taofifenua collapse in goal, but a touchdown kick saved the Toulouse defence. A one-sided first half where Tuisova will rock the stadium with her talent, scoring a magnificent and powerful brace. The Toulousains arrive through Jean-Marc Doussain to salvage the honor two minutes after the end of Act One. Toulon leads 18:7 at the break.

You shouldn’t be late coming back from the locker room as less than a minute after the resume Maxime Médard scores a great try by taking over the entire opponent’s defense from behind. After a Mc Alister penalty, it was Michalak’s turn to kick two between the posts and send his team 24-17 ahead. The New Zealand half reduced the score again but with eight minutes to go Guy Novés’ men were still 4 points behind. It was without counting on a burning Maxime Médard. In the wake of their back, the Toulousains are exceeded and register an attempt in the 72nd then in the 76th.. The two achievements are transformed, and at the end of a crazy game, it was the Hauts-Garonne who took the 4 points of victory, leaving no crumbs to their opponent of the day.

ABOVE 14. COMPOSITIONS.  Ramos in 10 and Wing Sword to challenge Serin and Carbonel's RCTABOVE 14. COMPOSITIONS. Ramos in 10 and Wing Sword to challenge Serin and Carbonel’s RCT

April 09, 2017: RCT 33 – 23 Stade Toulousain

The two teams eliminated from the Champions Cup last weekend find themselves at the Vélodrome just 4 days before the end of the championship. Having had a difficult season, Toulouse need a win to hope for a place in the final stages. From the start of the game, visitors are put in trouble. Maxime Médard, Author of a Volunteer Forward Near His Line, suffers the double penalty, yellow card and penalty attempt. A few minutes later, the Toulonnais are back in the Toulouse camp and, on a carried ball, register the second test of the meeting. The pink city men stay in the game thanks to a try from Paul Perez and two goals, one from Marques and one from Mc Alister. The two teams return to the dressing room with a score of 17-13.

In the less committed second third, there was initially a duel on goal. In the 65th minute, Toulon leads 26:16, largely thanks to a superb drop from François Trinh-Duc. But just two minutes later, Ma’a Nonu will seal the fate of the meeting. Author of a crazy race, he will eliminate 4 Toulouse defenders but above all he will humiliate Paul Perez, the last defender, thanks to a great tchic-tchac. Toulouse pillar Johnston is set to cut the mark in added time but once again the RCT triumph in Marseille. The Toulousains, they sink in the standings and give up all hopes of qualifying. Worse, they will end this season in 12th place, the first not to be relegated.

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