LIVE – France-Israel: Disappointment for Les Bleuets, eliminated in Euro U19 semi-finals

Completed! The French team was eliminated in the semifinals!

Israel pulls off the surprise by leaving the Bleuets and playing the Euro U19 final against England on Friday! Despite reducing the gap to Virginius, Chauvin’s men lacked efficiency in the penultimate gesture and proved too fragile defensively. Despite 20 shots on 4, they will not replace the Mbappé generation crowned in 2016.

Card for Edri

And an excellent free-kick for France…

Bonny’s failure!

Huge chance for the Bleuets with a header from Bonny who lacks power from close range! Things are heating up at the Israeli gate.

Bonny demands the punishment

The incoming signal is obviously not overheard after a fairly clear, full-surface simulation.

Touré loses his duel

The French defender, present at the front line, makes a mistake in his aerial duel and offers Israel fresh breathing space.

Zarfati saves time

The Israeli goalkeeper drags his goal kick further and receives a logical warning.

6 minutes stoppage time

Les Bleuets throw out their last ounce of strength to take Israel into overtime!

Replaced Virginius

The Bleuets forward gives up his seat for the final seconds of the game to Cissé.

Ba makes the mistake

Served in the area, Ba slips and mows his opponent. Another missed scoring chance for the young Frenchman.

Corner for France

It’s played quickly and finally ruined by Virginius, who completely misses his gesture on the left side of the surface.

virginius too short

Interesting new gesture from Da Silva to serve the French forward who is at the end of his tether. But the pass is too deep and Israel regain valuable seconds.

Israel changes two new players

Lugassy and Gloukh give way to Edri and Yifrah in the final minutes of play as Israel nears a first final.

Touré still crucial in the air

Countering in his mood, the unfortunate French defender still gets close to goal. The second corner does nothing for the Bleuets.

Great contact between Revivo and Pereira

Already warned, the Israeli defender comes into contact with Pereira, who has visibly wiped his crampons opposite, but gets the error. No further consequences.

Tchaouna hurries

The Rennais uses a good space to advance with the ball in the opposing camp. But he doesn’t raise his head and misses his cross for Bonny, ideally placed in the penalty area.

Semedo designs his strike

Great collective movement from Blueberries in the last twenty meters. Semedo is on the left of the penalty area and crosses his shot from the left. Zarfati catches on the ground.

A note on the statistics

66% possession and 14 shots on 4 for the Bleuets, who only managed 5 shots versus 4 for their opponent.

fresh break

With twenty minutes to go, the French team is still practically eliminated from the Euro U19 semi-finals. But the pressure on Israel’s goal is growing.

Double substitution for Israel

Injured second-forward Kancepolsky is replaced by Nawi. Ibrahim gives way to Turgeman.

Ba wins his duel

At a corner from the right, the incoming player cuts the trajectory of the ball from the head to the near post. On the wire, the danger is eliminated by the opposing defense.

The blueberries are firm

Like a new attempt by Da Silva unscrewing the full axis, Chauvin’s men believe in it hard as iron since Virginius’ goal. The Israeli defenses are overwhelmed.


Excellent rolled up by Virginius, the blueberries regain hope! Served on the left, the Sochaux striker unleashes a crucial shot from the far right corner. The French team returns to 2-1!

Chauvin goes all out

Adeline and Bondo are replaced by Ba and Diouf, two new offensive elements, for the last half hour.


And 2-0 for Israel! With a corner taken from the right, Lugassy finds Kancepolsky, absolutely alone, to pick up the ball with his head on axis. Lo-Tutala is on the way, but too short to intervene. Les Bleuets have their backs to the wall.

First change for Israel

Kassus is replaced by Ilay.

Virginius also menacing

New French attempt. Near the ground, Virginius crosses his shot from the right and looks for the near post. Zarfati conquers in two phases.

Touré is close to the frame!

It becomes clearer at the Israeli gate. From the right, Tchaouna finds Touré’s header after a corner. The French defender dominates his ball but doesn’t aim.

Da Silva stumbles on Zarfati

Big chance for the Bleuets. The Lyon midfielder places a shot in front of the penalty area. The Israeli goalkeeper is on the trajectory and dismisses to the corner.

Ibrahim crushes his recovery!

Using a long ball, Ibrahim is served from the right in the full penalty area. Alone in the axis, the Israeli striker sees his comeback finish straight to Lo-Tutala, who quietly captures.

It will be left on the same basics

With always a French team that controls the game and stays installed in the opposing camp without much danger.

Start of the second half!

Les Bleuets start the second act a goal behind. They need to react to hope England are in the final on Friday night.

half time!

After a last hot situation at the Israel goal, not specified by Adeline, the referee sends the two teams back to the dressing rooms. Les Bleuets are trailing 0-1 against the flow of play in this semi-final.

Touré preceded

The French centre-back misses the ball in front of Zarfati, who unloads his defense with a fist.

Cardboard box for Revivo

Second warning of the game for the other Israeli team after a tackle against Pereira and a superb free-kick for Les Bleuets.

3 minutes stoppage time

Les Bleuets step on the gas in the final minutes of the game.

clumsy Adeline

The French midfielder this time manages to get into a batting position at the entrance to the surface. His powerful shot lands in the stands.

Adeline can’t chain

Very good work by Pereira on the right who finally serves Adeline from the back. Rennais loses the ball before he can get into a shooting position.

versed in fine gold

The Israeli right side sweeps Virginius away on the touchline and concedes an interesting free-kick. He collects the first card of the game. That’s no good for France.

Free kick for blueberries

On the right, Tchaouna uses his chance directly. Zarfati punches with both fists and sees his defense somehow keeping the danger at bay.

France is facing a wall

Les Bleuets still have their foot on the ball but are struggling to get into the zone of truth. Israel ducks and waits for bullet losses to project.

Touré tries to redeem himself

Staying on top, the goalscorer puts his head in the surface against his camp. It’s way over the top.

Quite a change for France

Offensive change at Chauvin: Zoukrou gives way to Bonny.

Huge blueberry fall!

France is under pressure! Tchaouna and Virginius feel embarrassed as they cross alone at the far post…

Les Bleuets are back in fourth place

Faced with the failure of three-man defense early in the game, Landry Chavin chose to play with four players. As a reminder, Les Bleuets were already behind in their last game against Italy (4-1).


The French team is led to everyone’s surprise! On the left, Gloukh is perfectly served in the area. His center on the ground is lengthened by the French defender sliding in front of his cage into the goal.

Another dangerous loss

Camara’s missed transmission ultimately doesn’t benefit the Israeli attackers, who are still too narrow to be in the final 30 yards.

fresh break

In the Slovak heat (27°C) the referee decides to give the 22 players a break. Les Bleuets are still dominating this semi-final but are not entirely reassuringly behind.

The French defense still in the run-in

Twice a loss of possession benefits the Israeli attackers who are not in the penalty area. Beware of mistakes that can be costly.

Semedo demands the punishment

The number 18 collapses at the entrance to the surface after a light contact at face level. Not enough to win.

Zarfati is fine

The Israel goalkeeper is slow to react to a back pass and extremely clears in front of a French striker.

Possession in favor of the Bleuets

76% possession for Chauvin’s men, who have only had one goal on target since kick-off. Israel has two shots, all on target.

Blueberries calm down

The French team has possession of the ball and patiently tries to surprise their opponent. Israel has clearly withdrawn and can no longer exploit turnovers in the tricolor dangerously.

Corner for France

First corner for the Bleuets. Found at the far post, Virginius places his flat foot to the right of goal. Finally a chance for France.

Les Bleuets hold the ball

For the first time in the game, France kept possession and got the opposition running. That’s something reassuring after a tentative start.

Cassus on the ground

The Israeli right winger receives medical treatment after a lone slip. This allows Chauvin to give his orders.

Two shots in the friendly game

The French U19 team twice challenged this Israeli team just before the competition. When the score was 1-1, she was hooked every time.

Blueberries are always shy

Virginius collects the ball high on the right side, but doesn’t cross properly. Israel goes against it and gets a first corner. It doesn’t do anything.

Lo-Tutala gets scared

The French goalkeeper releases the ball when Ibrahim takes a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Finally, he takes off right in front of Kassus. First heat for the blueberries.

An impeccable course for the blueberries

Chauvin’s men have won their 3 games this Euro: against Slovakia (5:0), Romania (2:1) and Italy (4:1). Israel has a win, a draw and a loss.

Let’s go between France and Israel!

The French team are just one step away from the final of the European U19 Championship. Good game everyone!

Kick-off is imminent

The two teams will compete on the pitch of the DAC Arena in Dunajská Streda.

England is waiting for the finalists

As Italy won (2-1), the Young Lions secured their ticket to the final of the Euros on Friday evening. They will therefore challenge France or Israel.

Blueberry Composition

Lo-Tutala – Pereira, Zoukrou, Camara, Touré – Bondo, Adeline, Da Silva – Virginius, Tchaouna, Semedo

substitute: Liénard, Hadjam, Doukouré, Ben Seghir, Cissé, Arconte, Bonny, Diouf, Ba

The nuggets follow

As the successor to the Mbappé generation that was crowned in 2016, the blueberries need to watch several elements closely. Presentation.

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The French U19 team meets Israel in the semi-finals of the Euro from 8 p.m. in Dunajská Streda (Slovakia). Landry Chauvin’s men have the option to join either England or Italy in the final, which will be played on Friday.

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