France 2023 is playing, the labor inspectorate is now on board

The Rugby World Cup 2023 Organizing Committee, whose chief executive Claude Atcher is suspected of being the origin of a “deep social malaise“Learned from the staff of the body, pitches just over a year before the start of the World Cup in France. In a lengthy article published last Wednesday, L’Équipe reported in great detail on the “administration by terror‘ founded by Atcher and his chief of staff within the Public Interest Group (GIP) France-2023, where burnout, layoffs and anxiety attacks mingle.

Labor Minister spokesman Olivier Dussopt confirmed to AFP on Tuesday that the Labor Inspectorate’s investigation into France-2023’s headquarters “started“but that didn’t exist”back to this point“. Contacted by AFP, France-2023 was unable to comment on this information at the beginning of the afternoon. The Minister of Sport, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, at the origin of the referral to the Labor Inspectorate as soon as the investigation of the sports daily came out, reiterated on Sunday microphone of RTL and claimed, “requested that the conclusions be communicated (to him) quickly“. The minister also described as “rumor» the eventual replacement of Atcher by former Prime Minister Jean Castex.

paternalistic leadership»

In this context, the French Rugby Federation (FFR), 62% shareholders of the GIP alongside the State (37%) and the French National Committee for Olympic Games and Sport (CNOSF, 1%), will organize its week in Marseille annual congress. The XV of France, who are touring in Japan, will still be banging with the Brave Blossoms in Aichi when an Extraordinary General Assembly is held, on the agenda of which is a “Amendment of the statutes and rules of procedure of the FFR‘, will be opened on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at Parc Chanot in the presence of President Bernard Laporte. A regular GM will follow at 10:00 a.m., at which the morale report of the FFR, the provisional budget for 2022-2023 and above all a “France-2023 progress report“.

Will Atcher be there? Since the publication of the L’Équipe poll, the general director of France-2023 has been discreet: he was notably absent from the stands of the Stade de France on Friday night for the final of the top 14 between Castres and Montpellier. On Monday he told Les Echos that he “satisfied that the Labor Inspectorate came to investigate» and that he «reserves the right to comment on the cases mentioned“, recognizing a”paternalistic management“. After referral to the Labor Inspectorate, last Thursday the FFR convened the Economic and Social Committee (CSE) of France-2023, at the end of which it was decided to set up a toll-free number “to ensure anonymous escalation of reports“, and a “social check“.

In Les Echos, Atcher considered this to be “cabal“aimed at the”hit»

FFR Steering Committee member and Ligue d’Ile-de-France President Florian Grill described as “dirty» the leadership that Atcher exercises towards its employees. “What shocks and worries me most is that all the witnesses do this with their faces covered: we are no longer in the anecdote, it is a system‘ estimated the elected opposition member, questioned by AFP. “Not to mention that this is not without consequences for the image of rugby in France and internationally.“.

World Rugby, the governing body of world rugby, therefore officially announced last Thursday that its “To ponder» with the Board of Directors of France-2023 and the FFR. In Les Echos, Atcher considered this to be “cabal“aimed at the”hitOn suspicion of nepotism surrounding the sponsorship of the XV of France, he will appear in September alongside Montpellier president Mohed Altrad – whose group is shirt sponsor of the XV of France – and Bernard Laporte before the Paris Criminal Court for “breach of trust», «Misuse of Company Assets” and from “covert work by concealing the activity“. The judiciary suspects him of having benefited from around 80,000 euros between 2017 and 2018, in particular through non-existent services paid to his company Score XV, which Laporte would have diverted at the expense of the FFR.

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