Reorganization, transfer window, Jorge Sampaoli… Pablo Longoria talks about the future of OM

Pablo Longoria spoke about the future of Olympique de Marseille. JB Autissier / PANORAMA

The President of Marseille spoke about the future of OM training on the club’s official website.

A speech to clarify the future. With the professional group set to resume on June 29, Pablo Longoria wanted to address the club’s official website about the recent changes in Olympique de Marseille’s organizational chart as well as the transfer market. The Olympian president first mentioned the role of Javier Ribalta, who was appointed director of football and with whom he had previously worked at Juventus between 2015 and 2017: “This position is essential for ensuring and maintaining consistency across sports policy, particularly in decision-making. It’s very important to mehe said. Javier is one of the most talented people in football. I firmly believe in the incarnation of projects by young leaders who already have a lot of experience. He has already demonstrated his ability to adapt to all developments in football at a high level for several years..”

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Football director, sports director: what are the prerogatives of everyone?

The Spaniard also mentioned the difference between the prerogatives entrusted to Javier Ribalta and David Friio, present at the club since 2020 and inheriting the position of sporting director: “We are strengthening David’s position to give more clarity to the development of our organization. In a more operational role, David will ensure the day-to-day relationship between management and the professional group, as well as the management of the scouting teams.he specified. In a more strategic role, Javier will add value to the existing organization thanks to his creativity. In the end, it’s a team effort, everyone in their own field with their expertise, in the service of the club.“In addition, Marco Otero, who came from FC Valence, will occupy the position of technical director in charge of training, with the ambition to make it happen”the goal for tomorrow’s Olympique de Marseille players“.”It’s a question of club identity and culture“, he insisted.

“We are facing a very speculative market. »

Pablo Longoria

During the interview, Pablo Longoria didn’t fail to talk about one of the most important topics for Olympique de Marseille in the coming weeks: the transfer market. The Marseille manager outlined the club’s ambitions for the off-season while explaining the reasons that have prevented him from being very active since the transfer window opened: “We have targeted the positions that we want to strengthen and those in which we need to improve. At the moment we are dealing with a very speculative markethe said. So we have our goals, but we have to keep up with this trend, as we have done since day one at the club. This consistency must also be reflected in our game identity, with profiles of players who are determined to join us through this idea of ​​team building and who want to give their all to the club’s project. These are the basics. Then we work according to priority.»

And the decisions made by Marseille management must be made in line with the game project set up by Jorge Sampaoli, while certain rumors have it that the Argentine would consider leaving La Canebière should the club ever strengthen for the upcoming season.I repeat it, but it is so important: we want to give maximum coherence to the project. This is the key. Like last season, we all have to pull togetherhe clarified. In recruitment, it’s a real logic of collective construction with Jorge and his collaborators, which revolves around two aspects: the team’s playing style and the players’ profiles, which must complement each other.Stuck in financial troubles for a while – the DNCG had monitored their payroll before lifting their restrictions – Olympique de Marseille missed several opportunities to strengthen in those early days of the transfer market. The next few weeks should be quite busy on the Canebière side with several files that might get settled (Bazoer, Harit, Saliba, Kluivert, etc.).

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