Against Wales on Sunday in Albi, the French rugby league team are ‘determined to put on a great game’.

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Against Wales on Sunday in Albi, the French rugby league team are ‘determined to play a great game’.

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• The current French side (photo Fabrice Rodriguez) hopes to do as well as their predecessor who beat Wales on October 25, 2014 (42-22).

As his group prepares for the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in England in October, national team coach Laurent Frayssinous specifies his ambitions on the eve of the international match between France and Wales on Sunday 19 June (3:30 p.m.) at the Stadion d’Albi.

– The 2022 World Cup is approaching. So does this match have real sporting significance?

– In fact, it’s certainly a friendly game, but for us, a little over a hundred days before the start of the competition, it will really be a preparatory game. After our defeat (30-10) to England in October 2021, we will test our competitiveness against a difficult-to-play team whose international standing is close to ours. So we’re going to set up the best possible formation and the show should be there.

– Unless there is a last minute transition, will there be no Albigensian player in the French group?

– Baptiste Fabre (Albi Rugby League) is part of the group of 27 players that we formed two weeks ago. It was necessary to narrow this group down to twenty, and Baptiste is not one of them. But he’s not far. He’s a young player growing in stature and, I have to say, a wonderful boy.

– Like a club, the Albi Rugby League, in full swing…

– Absolutely. Albi is a true Treizist stronghold. The club have put on a remarkable run this year with quality players and a management team that structures things well both on and off the pitch. If he continues on this path, this club will have a bright future.

An innovative preparation method

– A word on this elite French championship struggling to find real media exposure…

– To really cross a course it is necessary to go from semi-professional to professional. But it is inevitably a question of financial resources. We see from the bridge representing participation in the English Super League for French clubs like Catalan Dragons or Toulouse Olympique how much it is a source of progress for our players. The French team takes advantage of this. For the clubs, we have to continue to structure ourselves in order to become more professional. But we are on the right track.

– Let’s get back to the game. You seem to have worked innovatively in terms of preparation?

– Actually not. But we also wanted to focus on the mental and psychological preparation. Recently we invited Clément Poitrenaud, three-times European and two-times World Champion, and Sebastian Bozzi, Argentine, French Champion with the USAP, to talk about their own experiences at a high level. It’s not uncommon for an Argentine player to get tears in his eyes during the anthems. This isn’t about cultivating nationalism, but rather reminding players that they have to deal with a legacy that has been built over the years since 1934. And there is always good advice on how to turn that into positive energy.

– This is the 7th international rugby league match to be played at Albi Stadium. The French team feels comfortable in camouflage…

– We have always arrived well in Albi, where there is an audience of connoisseurs. I hope, even if it should be hot, that the planned show will delight the viewers. For our part, we’re determined to make a great game.

Reduced prices for licensees

Ticket prices have been set at €25 for the Honor booth and €15 for the Jo Mir booth. All Rugby League licensees benefit from a €5 reduction.

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