A year after the death of Adam Lassaux, hope of Biterrois rugby, his parents speak for the first time

Days before Adam’s death in a road accident, his family learns the driver will be playing rugby again, despite telling his judges otherwise.

Adam Lassaux was a hope for Biterrois Rugby. He died after a very serious traffic accident in Lamalou on the night of July 2-3, 2021. His lifelong friend was driving the vehicle that crashed into a plane tree. He was drunk when the accident happened. A few weeks after the events, he was sentenced to a long prison term. He appealed the amount of the sentence and ultimately received a prison sentence of thirty months and twelve months probation on December 23, 2021.

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Adam’s parents, Maroussia and Gregory, had chosen not to comment on this drama. On the eve of the perpetrator’s release, they expressed their displeasure.

“We found out by chance that he would be released on parole on July 1. We were prepared to confirm Maroussia and Grégory. On the other hand, we don’t accept that he can resume rugby. He would have signed a contract with Usap. In the appeal, the defendant submitted the following: “Out of respect for Adam, I will not play rugby again.”

words that hurt

A broken word Adam’s parents find it difficult to accept.

“With his lawyer they lied in court. We can’t stand the lie. There’s nothing to say about the verdict. It doesn’t change anything. We can hear people feeling sorry for him. We can hear a lot of things , but this boy Man, we accompanied him like our children. We don’t understand that he never thought of asking us for forgiveness. For a year now, every time we take a step forward, we take three back. What really What bothers me is rugby. It brought them both together.”

“We got a life sentence”

Maroussia was unable to resume her work as a childminder after Adam’s death. Grégory is in the same mental state. He resumed his part-time job at Bédarieux town hall.

“You have to know, our house has been empty since Adam’s death. There is no more sound while the three brothers have been talking to each other the whole time, to us. All four, without ever going before a judge, we took life sentences. He had a year off and walks like nothing happened. You must understand that we are in survival mode.

“Today I remain without an answer”

In his defence, the driver told the Béziers court that he didn’t remember anything. He repeated his comments on appeal, asserting that Adam forced his hand to take the helm.

“I would have liked to have had a conversation with himemphasizes Gregory. I feel like I don’t know him anymore even though we had so many good times with him. Today I remain unanswered. It is very difficult for me. Rugby teaches values ​​such as courage, mutual help and responsibility. Where are we? I don’t understand why Perpignan is taking him.”

The two brothers move forward

Maroussia and Grégory are now relying on their other two boys to move forward. “We’re doing it, but we don’t have a goal. It’s very, very, difficult.”

Today, the couple feels guilty on many counts. On the evening of the tragedy, they had organized the rugby party in Bédarieux. “It was a beautiful day. Then at 3 a.m. everything stopped, says Maroussia. After that horrible phone call, we went to the scene of the accident. I couldn’t see my son, but I comforted the driver. It’s the only night I haven’t texted her to find out how she’s doing. There were no more messages. Adam would never have accepted the death of his best friend. He has no idea how much I regret that he doesn’t assume that today.

champion of France

On July 3, Biterrois rugby club announced the tragic death of one of its members. “Adam Lassaux, 18, a young player from the Béziers training center, tragically died this Sunday.”

Adam Lassaux from the 2003 generation had won two French championship titles with his teammates. Many international players had paid tribute to him on social networks.

During the funeral, all the ASBH players paid tribute to him at the legendary Sauclières stadium.

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