How a chilling note found in Orsolya Gaal’s home ‘solved’ her murder mystery – Reuters

A handwritten note found at Orsolya Gaal’s home is believed to have helped police solve the mystery of her chilling murder has been revealed.

The 51-year-old Queens woman was found in a gym bag in her basement in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Orsolya Gaal, 51, was found dead on SaturdayPhoto credit: Facebook/Orsolya Gaal
David Bonola was seen leaving the police station in handcuffs on Thursday after being charged with murderPhoto credit: Beautiful Signature IG/Splash News for The US Sun

David Bonola, 44, was charged Thursday with murder, criminal manipulation and criminal possession of weapons in connection with the death of Orsolya Gaal, 51, who was found dead in Queens on Saturday.

Law enforcement sources told the US Sun Bonola confessed to the crime during questioning Wednesday night and told investigators he killed her in the heat of the moment.

Police officials previously told The Sun that he worked for Gaal as a handyman and lived near his $2 million home.

And now a senior NYPD supervisor has revealed they found a chilling memo on his refrigerator confirming their suspicions about Bonola’s alleged actions.

The murder suspect
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According to a Daily Beast report, he read “Get a New Handyman.”

He prompted a search for clues as cops scoured the Queens neighborhood for clues.

They uncovered chilling footage of his killer wheeling his body around the neighborhood in a black Bauer hockey bag at 4:30 a.m. before dumping him in the middle of a sidewalk about nine blocks away.

Police later revealed that the hockey bag belonged to Orsolya’s son.

Bonala reportedly showed up at Orsolya’s home and the two had an argument before allegedly murdering her in his own basement.

Police later discovered a jacket believed to have been worn by Bonola, along with boots, a T-shirt, and bloodied bandages.

Detectives made the discovery after beginning increased surveillance of Bonala’s home before cornering a garbage truck while it was conducting a regular collection for its trash on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Bonala then voluntarily went to the 112th Precinct for questioning, where he made “incriminating statements,” according to NYPD detective chief James Essig.

It came as another unnamed boss claimed the 40-year-old tried to divert detectives’ attention to other men – including other handymen – after the alleged note was discovered.

Detectives are also said to have questioned him about his injuries in the aftermath of Gaal’s murder, as footage later showed Bonola wearing a face mask and bandages in his hands, along with the weapon – a kitchen knife – walking down the street.


The married mother of two from Hungary was stabbed nearly 60 times and suffered dozens of wounds on her neck, torso and left arm.

Investigators also found possible defensive wounds on her hands and the insides of her fingers, suggesting she tried to fend off her attacker before she was killed.

Bonola was also treated for injuries to both hands from the attack, police said.

The nature of Orsolya’s injuries and the fact that there were no signs of forced entry into her home led police to believe she was murdered by someone she knew who knew the property well.

Police said Thursday they believe Bonola was brought into the home voluntarily or used a key.

Orsolya and Bonola reportedly had an intimate affair for two years that was considered over, police said.

The couple had previously split, police officers added, but reunited in early April.

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The pair were previously spotted interacting on Facebook, with an account going by the name of David Bonola, who liked a post in which Orsolya described “where my heart is at peace.”

The same account also captioned “Hola” with a love heart emoji on a photo of Orsolya as a child. She liked the comment.

Bonala's home was under police surveillance prior to his arrest
Bonala’s home was under police surveillance prior to his arrestPhoto credit: Splash
Clothing was pictured outside the Queen's flat
Clothing was pictured outside the Queen’s flatPhoto credit: Splash
The handyman would have had an affair with Mrs. Gaal
The handyman would have had an affair with Mrs. GaalCredit: Facebook
The 51-year-old is said to have been stabbed almost 60 times
The 51-year-old is said to have been stabbed almost 60 timesPhoto credit: Facebook/Orsolya Gaal

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