Top 14. Christophe Urios takes stock of Bordeaux: “Our season is successful, but not optimized”

UBB manager Christophe Urios took stock of his team’s season this Wednesday, June 22, 2022. (© CM, for Rugby News)

“We all ended the season very, very disappointed, be it the club, the fans, the staff and the players. We need to find the spark that will get us back in the fight.” This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the manager of Bordeaux-Bègles, Christopher Urios insisted on creating those balance sheet of season elapsed from UBB, who lost to Montpellier in a top-14 semi-final on June 18.

In University Professor mode, the technician chained the slides together on a giant screen to make his squad’s face easy to understand throughout the season, which began as a cannonball before it ran out of steam in the month of November – “we’ve got in this month does not work well” -. The Covid-19 and the confinement followed one another, then the injuries in the February-March-April period. Ultimately, UBB ended up with “lack of momentum” and a failed semi-final against Montpellier at the end of the exercise, for which Urios let go: “There’s no possible argument about this match, we kicked his butt”.

Christophe Urios chained the slides to show the face of UBB this season.
Christophe Urios chained the slides to show the face of UBB this season. (© CM, for Rugby News)

Urios: “It’s still a mess…”

“It was a tough, long and unpredictable season. It must help us move forward for the future. I’ve seen things that will take us further if we can finish this season well,” said Urios. Before we go into more detail and assure: “It remains a successful season, but not optimized”. “We could have stayed longer,” he regrets, but emphasizes that the failure against Montpellier is not illogical. But he still blows over the opportunity not used by UBB:

The best won, no problem. But look at every player that day. They will tell me if he played at his best; I have my little idea. It’s still a waste when you see that Castres, Montpellier and UBB are still fighting for the semis… I’m not sure it’ll happen again in the next fifteen years… I’m not saying that we won with a harder board won’t be champions… But there was a real opportunity.

Christopher UriosManager of Bordeaux-Bègles

The great disappointment after the USAP

Christophe Urios believed his team “still lacks depth” to cross the threshold of a semi-final and mentioned the word “pause” to describe the setback during the 26th gamee Top 14 day against Perpignan (22-15), which dropped UBB to 3e place in the score and forced him to go through the box “dam”. “I don’t understand why we didn’t do this non-match at USAP. It stays my biggest disappointment since I’ve been in Bordeaux when we had the best players on the pitch.”

There were also home defeats that “hurt”. Urios points out that the goals conceded against Racing 92 and La Rochelle “were very hard to take”, those against Pau and Toulon “can no longer happen to the club” and that against Perpignan at Aimé-Giral clearly “is the symbol of the end of the Bordeaux-Bègles season”.

When he has made his self-criticism, Urios affirms that too
Even if he has expressed his self-criticism, Urios assures that “UBB and the team are making progress”.

“We have changed status”

Also stressed club advances – “We have changed the status, that’s obvious, the team is stronger, more respected, qualification is no longer a problem for UBB, there is no longer a glass ceiling” – Urios also expressed himself self-critically and emphasized that he had to develop further . “I need to improve, I didn’t inspire my staff enough. There are things I have missed in a 3 month period.”

He summarizes: “We still have a lot to do but I think the club and the team as a whole are making progress. We must continue to be resilient and work hard.” UBB will resume the season on July 25 and play two friendlies, on August 20 against Bayonne and on August 26 against Clermont.

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