Key lines of Gérard Lopez’s interview on RMC Sport – Girondins

Find the words of Gérard Lopez during his interview on RMC Sport on the program Rothen S’enflamme.


His opinion on the club’s financial situation

Gérard Lopez ignited in Rothen : “I put my hand back in my pocket” “We anticipated on several levels. […] The first is that we knew the deficit and how to make up for it. I promised to stay at the club even if we go to Ligue 2 and I’m doing that. To put it vulgarly, I put my hand back in my pocket. […] There’s money coming from the league (with relegation support) and then there’s about half that would come from sales. […]

Sales, we’re pretty sure we’ll make them, even if it’ll have to wait a bit now. In this regard, there are guarantees that have already been given in the past and are valid until June 30th. In addition, they should be valid, but we will say that lenders have a slightly different approach, and that has forced us all to sit at one table for this famous guarantee. »

“There are still 22 million to be found”

“There are still 22 million to be found. […] In fact, that’s what always happens with the DNCG. All racquets sell and it is required to give a guarantee of sale. And there was the biggest difference. […]

Of course, there is a risk of filing for bankruptcy. We will not say that there is no risk. As long as there is no agreement, this risk clearly exists. Absolutely. […] It is said that there are talks that are positive, but there is no agreement yet. If there is an agreement, I would say that we are more or less sure that things will go well. »

“The only way to function is through the athlete and going up”

“When we took over the club, it had huge losses, between 75 and 80 million euros, that’s huge. We managed to cut costs last year, we’re still making a big reduction now, but even if we make that reduction, it’s almost impossible for the Girondins to operate, so the only option is to operate , the athlete and to go up. It is the goal. […]

A lot of work has been done, many players analyzed and selected, also with the coach. The idea is to build a squad with Ligue 2 compatible players who are experienced and with character. 19-20 year old players cannot be expected to carry the racquet. There are players who commit to us morally and verbally, but the situation makes it difficult to conclude contracts. […] Are the Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2 today? In fact, the answer is no.

EDo the Girondins de Bordeaux believe in it? Definitely yes. You won’t live through these moments if you don’t believe in them steadfastly. We have to work to be there. I, who work there every day, tell you that I will be there 100%. »

What he thinks of his former club LOSC

“I have no problem saying that Olivier Létang is responsible for not paying his bills. […] Explain the difficulty to me: there were still almost 180 million sales made in Lille. Today they have a number of players, even if the athlete was managed very poorly. […] Osimhen is the case in point: he saves the club during the Covid period, the club needed almost 40 million to pay back. It was the Osimhen deal that saved the club. While 20 million players are being bought, I can also say that the Arsenal centre-back who was with us was loaned to Troyes without playing a minute.

It was loaned somewhere in Eastern Europe and came back to us and was sold for 28 million. To say today that these players bought it isn’t worth a nail, I don’t care. It is the sales of Mike Maignan, Botman or Renato Sanches that make this club one of the richest teams in France.

Or at least had when I left since the club became champions. Today I don’t care anymore. We can say that the athlete was badly managed. […] Of course, they have to pay commissions since the agents have done their job and need to be paid. Since when do we not pay the bills we have to pay? […]

How many players have sold LOSC to survive now? How many players have they sold since I left? none. So is it a struggling club? […] But why not sell players? How do they do it then? They have trees where the money grows. I ask the question. If you have difficulties, what to do? They sell players. This year it is one of the clubs that will be the most profitable in Europe. »

Transcription of RMC Sport.

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