More than 200 bats nest in her house, she lives “in hell”

Émilie Ravard has been living among more than 200 bats in La Meilleraye-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique) since early May 2022. ©Léo GAUTRET/L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

That bats ruin his life. Installed in his small house in La Meilleraye-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique) for two years North of Nantes, Émilie Ravard and her three children live under a overgrown roof through more than 200 small flying mammals.

A colony of bats that made his life hell. “You wouldn’t spend a night in my room,” he says 40 year old motheron the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Because although harmless, these legally protected small animals make life impossible for him, especially after dark.

It lasts all night, it goes in, it goes out, it itches, it’s unbearable…

Emilie Raward

Constant noise pollution

Their arrival dates back to the beginning of the May 2022 after their hibernation period. But her initial installation in Emilie’s house goes back same time last year.

“I had heard noises from the ceiling of my room in May, June, evenings when I was going to bed. I thought an animal was over my head. It made little screams, scratches. I felt like she was moving against the wall. »

But Émilie Ravard’s companion is allowed to inspect the attic, no animal on the horizon. The doubt finally rises when looking up at the sky, in the garden. “That same evening, many bats came out of the gable of the house. We quickly came to count one hundred. »

Constant noise pollution that prevents him from sleeping in his room. “For a month and a half it was already a disaster. I slept in my eldest’s room who is now 12 years old. »

Several bats have been observed under the roof of Émilie Ravard's house during the day.
Several bats have been observed under the roof of Émilie Ravard’s house during the day. ©Leo GAUTRET

A month and a half insomnia

The next day, the mother decides to call her social landlord and ask him to intervene.

A month and a half later, after weeks of insomnia, a Specialist intervenes by powering the entire attic a eucalyptus product, a very effective repellent and not harmful to these mammals. A few days later, the bats leave Emilie Ravard’s attic.

“I called the social landlord back to let him knowIIt was absolutely necessary to fill the small hole on the sprocket because we didn’t even know how long the product would last. Unfortunately, despite numerous reminders, they never did. »

A year later, what she feared actually happened. “In early May there was a lot more scratching on the ceiling and walls than last year. »

198 bats were counted in 35 minutes

One evening, the Meilleréenne and her companion were counting 198 bats in 35 minutes. The colony gradually settled in the cellulose wadding that isolate it roof and walls of the House.

Their incessant noise exhausts this Family Life Assistant Divorce who has to raise her three little girls aged 8, 10 and 12.

Their noise lasts all night. Even with a sleeping pill, I’m awake all the time in my current room… So I sleep on a mattress in my eldest’s room. It’s not an easy situation for a teenager who needs his privacy, just like me.

The many bat droppings in his garden and the fear of being bitten contributes to his sleep problems.

Fatigue weighs heavily on his everyday life today. “As soon as I have a quiet moment during the day, I sleep. it can happen to me Sleep 2 to 4 hours carefree. That never happened to me before. It became uninhabitable. »

Meillerayes bats
The mother of the family had to put a bed in her daughter’s room so that she could sleep. ©Léo GAUTRET/L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Hubert, Emilie’s companion, welcomes him home when his daughters aren’t around to guarantee him a few nights sleep a month. “You can hear them scratching the walls upstairs in every room. They spread through the walls from the whole house upstairs to the girls’ rooms,” he worries. “We avoided telling the two youngest ones so they wouldn’t be scared,” enthuses the mother.

“Most of all I want to find peace”

kneeling from tiredness, Émilie Ravard tirelessly restarts his social landlord, who ended up calling someone else specialist company, intervened Tuesday 14 June 2022. “The person who came saw the presence of bats but told me there was nothing they could do because they were not at all used to handling these animals. »

Meillerayes bats
The incessant sounds of small mammals can be heard on the ceiling and walls of his room all day long. ©Léo GAUTRET/L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Faced with the hardship, she therefore decided to speak out publicly so that the social landlord could give her back the tranquility of her former life. “For a month and a half almost nothing happens ‘ the mother complains.

His financial situation also does not allow him to invest his personal money in order to call in a specialized company in an emergency.

“I still have 700 euros a month to live with four, so I can’t afford it costs that are not justified. I pay my rent every month, I don’t have to go through that. A year is fine, but that’s too much,” says the mother. She also plans to seek compensation for the harm she suffered.

“I am disgusted to find myself in this situation. It is not because one is poor that one should leave people in misery at this point. It becomes an emergency.The most important thing for me is the consolation of my children. »

Bats Meilleraye Brittany
Bat droppings lie in Emilie Ravard’s garden. ©Léo GAUTRET/L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Protected Species

A meeting between Myriam Plouviezthe branch manager Social landlord Atlantique Habitations the tenant and the company had to intervene, this was organized Tuesday, June 21, 2022 a few days after our meeting with Émilie Ravard.

“In May we issued an order form for an intervention by our service provider in order to benefit from the expertise. We fully understand that these delays can seem long from the tenant’s point of view, even if they remain the norm,” comments the social landlord. “It turns out that the 33 species of bats are protected by the law since 1981,” the organization continues.

intervention of society, scaring away bats is therefore not an option, due to Article L.411-1 of the Environment Code, which prohibits “the destruction, alteration or deterioration of animal breeding sites and rest areas”.

“We should be able to intervene at the end of summer or in September to scare them away, but there is nothing we can do during the breeding season,” informs Kirian Perrier, technical director at JSA Hygiène, who adds: “These are things that never happen.”

Temporary accommodation offered

Given this exceptional context, Myriam Plouviez, agency manager of the social landlord, obliged to find a temporary accommodation for Émilie and her three daughters: “We don’t have any accommodation in the area, but we propose to find a solution until then furnished and equipped holiday home for this summer.”

A lesser evil for Émilie Ravard, who still hopes not to stay too far from her city to avoid additional travel expenses for her work and children. Atlantique Habitations would consider a “financial compensation”in the form of a discount on the rent if these additional costs have been proven.

By next fall, bats should finally leave the roofs of social housing.

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