Pokerstars Sports, what do you think of their sports offering?

Building on its success as an online poker provider, Pokerstars sportsbook didn’t stop there when they entered the sportsbook market. Like Winamax, of which it is a direct competitor, Pokerstars hopes to attract sports bettors by offering them a complete and quality gaming experience.

Pokerstars Sports: an extensive and complete sports catalogue

Pokerstars Sports is a recent addition to the sports betting world where competition is already fierce. As expected, Pokerstars Sports doesn’t bring a huge revolution to a market where all innovations have been exploited. But simplicity is the supreme sophistication, as the saying goes, Pokerstars Sports prides itself on offering a particularly interesting, rich and complete offering.

At Pokerstars sportsbook, the bettor can bet on all types of sports, from the most well-known to the lesser-known. From football to tennis, basketball and rugby, without forgetting ice hockey and baseball, most sports are open to bets on the bookmaker. The section dedicated to motor sports deserves a special mention, for betting on Formula 1 and Rally competitions, for example.

On the other hand, all types of bets that we are used to from other providers are available at Pokerstars Sport. We think of simple bets, combined bets, system bets, pre-match bets and so many others. In total, more than 100 different bet types are available on the Pokerstars website. In addition, you can choose between all the usual betting scenarios such as the result of a game, the exact score, the goal scorer and the handicap. The only innovation that Pokerstars brings compared to its competitors is in its functionality Spin & Bet This allows you to deposit 10% of your stake into a Kitty in hopes of multiplying your winnings x10.


Pokerstars Sportsbook: 1 euro free bet per day for 365 days

Aiming to provide a unique and innovative user experience, Pokerstars Sport offers a welcome bonus that we are not used to seeing elsewhere. Pokerstars does not offer a first deposit boost or a first sports bet refund. The bookmaker’s offer is to offer free bets worth 1 euro for 365 days to anyone who opens a player account. At the end of the year after opening an account, the player can accumulate a sum of 365 euros, which he can then use for free at the bookmaker. Note that the person registering at Pokerstars must provide the Pokerstars bonus code on the registration form in order to take advantage of this offer.

Average odds for the French market

If you place the highest value on a bookmaker’s odds level, Pokerstars is unlikely to live up to your expectations. In fact, the operator is far from offering the best odds on the French market at the moment, even if it somehow sticks to the average. In comparison, Pokerstars is just behind sites like Winamax, PMU and Unibet in terms of rating. On the other hand, in major sports like soccer, tennis and basketball, the gap between Pokerstars and the competition remains slim, if not non-existent. So unless you want to bet on lesser-known sports, Pokerstars should satisfy you as much as any other bookmaker on the market.

Pokerstar Sport: Live betting and Pokerstars TV

While it doesn’t skimp on efforts to improve user experience, there’s always plenty of room for improvement for Pokerstars. The bookmaker still does not have a live streaming service to follow the broadcast of sports events in real time. Compared to the competition, which relies heavily on this service, Pokerstars lags far behind. In this case, the bettor will have to be content with a live tracker that transmits the progress of the score in real time and displays the game’s statistics. Nothing out of the ordinary per se, but the majority of sports bettors should find their account.

Pokerstars Sports on mobile

To be resolutely modern and up to date, Pokerstars comes in the form of a mobile application available for iOS and Android. This application, dedicated to the bookmaker’s sports offer, provides access to the Pokerstars platform and allows bettors to bet on their favorite sports wherever they are. On the other hand, the Pokerstars application has benefited from a particularly careful design, both graphically and technically. We highly recommend installing it to anyone who would like to bet from a portable device!

Pokerstars app


Payment methods available on Pokerstars

To make their user experience even better, Pokerstars allows all sorts of payment methods to fund their account and withdraw their winnings. Some of the payment methods available at Pokerstars are:

  • Bank cards (Visa/Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Premium ticket
  • Neosurf
  • paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer

A notice: In order to withdraw their winnings, the player must validate their player account by sending a copy of their ID and a RIB code in their name to Pokerstars.

Our take on Poker Stars sports betting: an underdog to be taken seriously

Following in the footsteps of Winamax, of which it is the direct competitor, Pokerstars intends to conquer the sports betting market after conquering the online poker market. As we have seen, the brand new bookmaker has spared no effort to offer a gaming experience that is as rich as it is complete. Admittedly, the Pokerstars sportsbook is not beyond reproach and still has a lot of improvements to make if it hopes to match everyone, but at the rate at which it is being rolled out there is every indication that it will Bookmakers will soon prevail as an indisputable hint.

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